FAQ's about attending the Gala...

This is not a black tie Gala, the dress code is 'Party'...

based on last year, some will wear long dresses, some will wear cocktail/midi dresses, some will wear jumpsuits. Just wear what you feel confident in!

Men, no need to wear a dinner jacket, most guys wore a shirt and tie and ditched the tie by the end of the evening!

Of course, the most important thing is to wear your biggest smile! :-)

Yes of course, the more the merrier!  It's great to have our friends and family there to support us.

FAQ's about entering the awards..

Yes!  When we first launched the Mpower National Business Awards, there were so many of you that wanted to take part who've been trading for more than 4 years, that this year we decided to add a special 'Established Star' category.

So if you've been trading for more than four years, you can still take part, by making sure you select the 'Established Star' category on your entry form.

There is no limit to the number of mums in business you can nominate.

We would lOVE LOVE LOVE you to enter yourself for these awards.  At Mpower, we don't believe in having to sit around and wait until someone else notices what a great job we're doing.  

It's great to be nominated, and of course nominate others, but we actively encourage you, in fact we INSIST, you go ahead and nominate yourself!


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