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Meet Samantha Poole our Rising Star sponsor and founder of Mum to Mum UK...

I absolutely love the ethos of the awards and the Mpower community. I have been following Nicola since we met in 2016 and after attending last years awards and coming away with a highly commended certificate I feel proud to support this event.

This is the best group of women that I have come across who actually do lift each other up and the 2018 awards were just amazing.

Why did you choose the Courage category?

For the last 4 years I have been a 'rising star' I have given everything I have got to the last 3 years and 2019 has seen me flourish after a very rough ride. So I want to support this award and support the winner / runner up if they need any advice and or support that can help them grow as the start up phase really is the toughest part of the journey.


What do see as being the biggest challenges facing mums in business?

Managing a business as well as managing your house, children, husband (if you have one) is tough. Believing in yourself when you are tired, run down and riding the rollercoaster of entrepreneurial life… Keeping going needs true grit and determination but once you get the work / life balance right it is a fantastic feeling.

Tell us a bit about your own business journey?

After relocating to Spain my entrepreneurial brain really started to develop and I loved setting up my relocation business and activity centre in 2016. Sadly After a change in circumstances we had to return to the UK in 2017 and a Facebook group that I set up several years previously became my guardian angel and now a thriving business.

Starting with a blog and an online business directory, a networking group, a loyalty card and now a local magazine - Mum to Mum UK is becoming a well known brand in Milton Keynes and the Franchise / Management model is also now set to develop throughout the UK.

I am a single mum with two boys who I care for full time so life has been a huge juggling act for the last 3 years but finally I feel in a place of calm and after being recognised at the Mpower awards last year I found the strength to continue watering the business seeds that had been slowly growing.

2019 is looking set to be an exciting year and I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful businesses that attend the event this year.

What is your number one piece of advice to mums in the early stage of business?

Get sound advice from a 3rd party business coach (not a friend or family member) to make sure you have a viable business that has growth possibilities, who can help you make the best decisions and goals to drive your business forward.

How does your company help mums in business?

I help businesses by offering affordable advertising and PR in the Milton Keynes area. I have built an engaged Facebook community of over 15,000 members who are engaged and I have helped save businesses thousands of pounds in advertising fees. I have been told I am an inspiration but I am just a mum who has created a job from my skill set to provide for my boys doing a job I enjoy.

What are you most looking forward to at the finals Gala on June 29th?

The warm and fuzzy feeling of true support, of the Mpower community, a room full to the brim of brilliance and Inspiration.

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Instagram: @ SJPmicro @ MumtoMumNetwork @MumtomumVIP @mumtomummag


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