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11 steps to get more clients

business Jan 04, 2018

How confident do you feel about marketing and sales?

How do you attract the right clients, people and opportunities to your business?

How can you sell when you hate selling or the idea of being salesy or pushy?

Shine your light
Have you ever sat outside on a summer evening, after the sun goes down, and you’re left to enjoy the warmth of the night and the sparkle of the stars? Our back garden in Cheshire is my favourite place to sit outside and just ‘be’! I love the light cast by the garden lamp - all sorts of wonderful creatures come to dance in its golden glow, a beautiful choreography of attraction and mesmerising movement from so many different creatures drawn from far and wide.

Even if I’d wanted to, there’s no way I could have found this collection of creatures. I could have gone out with nets and exhausted my days scouring the countryside trying to find them. The chances of me spotting, let alone capturing, these same creatures in this big expanse of countryside would be pretty slim. I could have perhaps laid traps like honey pots or hung hundreds of big sticky fly-catching papers - this approach might have led to many captive creatures, but they wouldn’t be dancing, they’d be drowned or stuck, and those alive certainly wouldn’t have stayed with me to dance. Business is a lot like this.

We all need clients, not any old clients we happen to stumble across, but the sort of clients who love, value and need what we do. The ones who will come from far and wide to seek us out. The ones who will stay in our orbit, enjoying the tone of our messages, the vibe and value that we give out, energised and inspired by the passion and purpose that lights us up.

We don’t want to exhaust our days scouring the country in search of them, nor do we want to run around shouting at the top of our lungs to anyone who will listen to our calling.  If ‘selling’ is the final dance that takes place between you and the perfect ideal clients and partners - then ‘marketing’ is the art of creating the perfect stage, lighting and sounds to attract the right blend of beautiful people who want to dance with someone just like you.

The struggle
Marketing and the ability to get clients is the bit I see women in business struggling with the most - even those who are amazing at what they do or have a fantastic product still

Marketing can definitely become the ‘black hole’ in your business - an area that sucks up all your time, energy and the will to carry on. It can seem overwhelming, never-ending and often very unfair when we simply don’t seem to be able to get the clients regardless of how good we are or how hard we try to find them.

In the business world, I ‘grew up’ in marketing - it was my favourite specialism in my business degree, it’s where my career began, and I was an approved advisor on the Government’s Growth Voucher scheme advising small businesses.

When you love something, and you’re good at it, it’s easy to assume that everyone else does too! At first, I used to be so surprised when people told me they hated marketing.

Now of course, I understand it’s just not ‘their thing’, that’s not what drew them into business. They just want to do the bit they love, and leave all this awkward marketing stuff out of it.

Then there’s sales - the bit that makes so many women feel awkward and pushy. Nobody likes to be sold to, nobody gets excited when they receive a pushy sales call, so why would we want to do that to somebody else? We didn’t sign up to become a salesperson. Rather than become somebody we don’t want to be, we’d rather make no money in our business - and often that’s just what happens.

The thing is, marketing and sales are the life-blood of your business - if you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business!

Productive marketing
You’ll be pleased to hear there is a solution! When you understand what marketing is and what it is not, when you get the right marketing foundations in place, you will create a platform from which you can attract, engage and do business with your kind of people with greater ease.

Just like the golden pull of the garden light, marketing, done the right way, will have a magnetic, inspirational impact in the world - creating what I call ‘attraction marketing’ - where you no longer have to worry about fi nding or chasing clients - they will be drawn to you.

The other brilliant news is when you get the marketing right in your business and are positioned as the obvious choice, the go-to person, the expert authority - you don’t need to worry about the sales. Sales become a natural by-product of productive marketing - no need to be pushy, awkward, cold calling or feel like you’re doing a hard sell.

Your Marketing Map

So how do you get your Marketing right?

How do you lay the right foundations to create this Marketing platform I talk about?

Well, the starting part is to understand what 11 ingredients go together to form your Marketing foundations.

To show you this in a simple way, I've created 'Your Marketing Map', which reveals the 11 ingredients you'll need to have in place for effective Marketing.  Think of this as your map, to show you the first steps you need to take, to ensure you have what you need in place to go from 'Hidden in the Shadows' to creating 'Start Attraction.

Here's the list of the 11 ingredients shown in Your Marketing Map:

  1. A clear sense of your 'Paramount purpose'
  2. A Pioneering Vision
  3. A Pareto Plan
  4. An understanding of 'YOU' (your Marketing why, profile and mindset when it comes to visibility)
  5. Absolute clarity on your Ideal client
  6. Optimal crafting of you Offer
  7. The best Price points
  8. The right Messaging
  9. The most effective Channels
  10. A compelling and consistent Brand (company, personal, offering)
  11. A clear Client Journey

Laying the foundations for your marketing starts with understanding these 11 ingredients and ensuring they are in place.  This is the starting point on your journey to becoming more visible and getting more clients.

So what next?

To learn more about each of these 11 ingredients and get access to some kickstart exercises, I would like to gift you with instant access to my complimentary Marketing Made Easy introductory video series

With love,


Founder of Mpower for mum in business, Award-winning business coach & mentor, author of The Invisible Revolution

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