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12 steps to building a successful business you love

business Jan 17, 2018

If you were a shape, which shape would you be? I’d probably be a ‘heart’. When it boils down to it, life to me is all about love. Those who know me well and follow me on social media know I put hearts all over the place, it’s a bit of a trademark!

What about if I asked you to pick a shape that represented business? That’s a tricky one…

My business shape would be the yin and yang symbol.

I believe that to be truly successful in business requires both inner resources and external resources.

True business success starts with who you are, not what you do.

How did I come to such a game-changing level of awareness?

When I was 24 years old, I had an American boss, Carolyn Wilson, to whom I will be eternally grateful. I’m not sure even to this day if she understands the profound impact she had on my life. One day she gave me a gift - a book. Reading The Alchemist, by Paulo Cohello, planted a seed which would quickly grow into a lifelong interest in personal and spiritual growth.

For 16 years I somehow kept business success and personal/ spiritual growth in two different boxes. Perhaps it was all my academic studies and professional training. The ironic thing is, even after I left the corporate world I didn’t immediately connect the dots.

I thought the most important ingredients to succeed in business were all the things I’d learned about at university and during my business consultancy career. I was sure that as long as I had a viable business idea, a sound business model and I used the proven frameworks, strategies and tools, well, I couldn’t go wrong, right?


Yes, you need all of the above, but genuine business success involves so much more, particularly when you are a solopreneur, particularly when you are a woman, and even more so when you are a mother.

You need both.

I call these INNER Pillars of success

and COLLECTIVE Pillars of success

There are seven of each...

I know...that makes 14

Not 12, like the title of the blog...but I always like to go the extra mile and give people more than they are expecting - "promise a lot and deliver even more" tha's my motto!

The successful mums in business I’ve been blessed to meet and work with over the last fifteen years have shown and taught me the importance of these Fourteen Pillars. We
need all fourteen.

Usually, when somebody is struggling to get the results they deserve or feeling overwhelmed, it’s because one of the Fourteen Pillars is either missing or needs development.

The importance of some of these Pillars is often hugely underestimated in the early stages of our journey, and it can take years of trial and error and having to learn the hard way to figure out what’s missing - I know, because that was me!

So what are these Fourteen Pillars you need to have in place to thrive as an empowered mum in business?

Let's discover an overview of the first 7 Inner Pillars of success...

And now an overview of the 7 Collective Pillars of success...

The Fourteen Pillars of success taken from The Invisible Revolution

I hope this simple overview gives you a flavour of what it takes to build and sustain a successful business.

Which Pillars do you know you have covered?

Which Pillars do you feel might need developing?

Which Pillars have perhaps come as a complete surprise?

I'd love to hear from you...

With love,

Founder of Mpower for mum in business, Award-winning business coach & mentor, author of The Invisible Revolution

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