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3 steps to greater clarity in your business

business Dec 27, 2017

Ever feel like you've lost your sense of direction?

Do you feel a bit lost?

Do you wish you had clarity?

There are lots of ingredients that come together to create a sense of absolute clarity, but for today, I'm going to focus on the first three ingredients, where clarity really begins...

Ingredient #1 - Paramount Purpose

Purpose – ‘The reason for which something is done or for which something exists1.’

  • Your purpose is essentially your ‘why’ - why you do what you do above and beyond making money. The purpose behind everything I do in my business is to make a diff erence in the world empowering Mumpreneurs, while making a diff erence at home for the ones I love most.
  • Your purpose, your ‘why’, doesn’t have to be a certain size, it doesn’t matter how big or small it seems relative to others - there is no right or wrong, only what is right for you.
  • Being clear on your purpose for being in business, is critical - whether you’re just getting started or focusing on growth, your purpose is the heart-beat of your success.
  • Your purpose will act as a guiding beacon throughout your journey, helping you make the right decisions, pursue the right opportunities, follow the right path and ultimately attract the right people, experiences and clients. Customers don’t buy what you do
    or what you sell, they buy your ‘why’. Many business resources talk about the importance of finding your purpose. However, very few are written from a Mumpreneur’s perspective. As parents, our children become our ‘reason’, they become the centre of our world, part of our very ‘purpose’ in life.
  • As mothers, we need to take this notion of ‘Business Purpose’ one step further. Getting clear on ‘Business Purpose’ alone is not enough- we need to be clear on what I call our ‘Paramount Purpose’.
  • Paramount – ‘More important than anything else.’ Your ‘Paramount Purpose’ is more holistic than business alone, and encapsulates not just your purpose as the founder of a business, but also as founder of your family and creator of your life story.

Here’s a model of Paramount Purpose, taken from my book The Invisible Revolution...

© Copyright 2017 - Nicola Huelin - The Invisible Revolution


Ingredient #2 - A Pioneering Vision

A journey of a thousand miles
There’s a great Chinese proverb that says ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ Well I’ve created a new version which says a journey of a thousand miles begins with putting the destination in your satnav!

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible with directions. Back in the day, before mobile phones and satnavs had been invented, I drove to Heathrow to pick up a friend. They were jet lagged and immediately fell asleep in the passenger seat, whilst I drove us back to Southampton where I was a student at the time.

Six hours and one-hundred and eighty pounds’ worth of petrol later (for a poor student with an overdraft this was an obscene amount of money), I  started to see some signposts that really caught my attention. They were written in strange words!

A Heathrow to Southampton journey had gone completely off track - I had ended up lost in WALES!

I did eventually get home, but this was pretty much the story
of my life, until satnavs came along that is - my goodness what a relief that was, it literally changed my life! I could actually enjoy the journey knowing I’d reach my destination. Even if we hit some roadwork barriers, or there’d been an accident that was blocking the road, it didn’t matter,
the satnav would take this into account and re-calculate to find the next best alternative route. It didn’t matter what crossed our path, I knew we would always have that guidance to somehow find the path to reach my desired destination.

Arriving at a clear and compelling vision of what you want to
achieve is like entering the destination into life’s satnav.

Why is having a vision important?
I often hear people say things like ‘well, I don’t like to think that far into the future’, or ‘I just prefer to go with the fl ow’, ‘I’m too busy with this year’s goals to think about anything bigger’, and ‘what’s the point of dreaming about the future, when I have no control over what might even happen tomorrow?’

Imagine going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you have a top of the range satnav to guide you, but you don’t bother entering a destination. You might have a great 360 degree view of the surrounding area, but not a clue which direction to head in, which road to take. This can leave us too scared to even start the journey, ending up going round in circles or perhaps worst still, spending precious years travelling to end up a million miles from where we really wanted to be.

Spending time crafting a clear and compelling vision is the same as setting that destination on your satnav - it will become a guiding beacon on your journey, helping you to feel confident that you’re taking steps in the right direction, making the right decisions at major turns, and build towards the future you really want.

Whenever you spend time crafting your clear and compelling vision you are setting your intentions. Spending time in that ‘Vision Zone’ thinking about how you want your business and life to be, allowing yourself to see, feel, smell, hear...truly picturing that vision, you begin to live that vision energetically. You begin to transform your thoughts, feelings, energy and beliefs in your current reality, and open up doors and pathways to the vision that you hold so clearly.

Be a pioneer
Pioneer – ‘a person who is among the first to explore or settle in a new country or area. Be the first to develop, use or apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity.’

To craft an inspirational vision you are going to need to be a pioneer.

Your vision is so unique to you, that you are going to have to go places nobody has ever been before. Going deep within yourself to use your power of imagination to draw on your passion, purpose, values, influence, strength, ability, to put yourself in full control of what you want out of life - reaching within your core, heart and soul in creating your life vision.

Believe me, it takes great courage to do this, to free ourselves from the mind’s constraints, to be open to our desires, to create a world of hope and possibility, and tap into the capabilities within us.

I see so many people get scared, panicky or overwhelmed when they start to envision the future. It’s almost as if they are creating too much pressure for themselves, which can raise a lot of questions and worries...

• Who am I to want all of this?
• What will people think of me for wanting all this?
• I don’t know how to make it happen.
• This is selfi sh and greedy.
• What if I fail?

The list goes on!

When you craft your vision of how you want the future to be, you need to be a pioneer and approach it more like an incredible adventure. Remember, nothing is cast in stone; your vision can and will evolve over time. Just like when you climb a mountain, as you make your gradual ascent, your perspective continuously changes.

Ingredient #3 - The right measures of progress

The third ingredient for clarity involves choosing the right 'measures of progress'.

It's not about 6 or 7 figures for me.
But it IS ABSOLUTELY about having lots of clients I love to work with - so I can make the difference I'm here to make!  Of course we all want paying clients and a profitable business.


If you're in the process of starting or building your business, you will quickly begin to feel lost, frustrated and overwhelmed if you try to measure your progress purely on the number of clients you have and how much money you're making.

Think about it this wouldn't expect to put roof tiles on your dream house until the right foundations are in place and the walls have gone up - so don't expect to see lots of ideal clients falling into place until you have done the groundwork in your business - same thing!

I'm always getting on my soap box about the importance of laying the right Marketing foundations in your business, and getting your Marketing strategy right before you dive into 'trying to find clients all the time'.

Getting your Marketing foundations and strategy right is one of the key Pillars of business success. I don't just say these things for effect, I live it, I breathe it, and I know from personal experience what a difference it makes in being able to build a successful and sustainable business long term (where you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination).

So if you are one of those people who is not currently seeing the fruits of your labour because you are working on getting the foundations right in your business and you are not clear about whether you're making progress and going in the right direction, you need to make sure you're measuring your progress in the right way.

For example, if you're working on getting the Marketing foundations right in your business, then measure and celebrate those steps you are taking.

I teach my clients a very simple method of managing their daily tasks on what I call an 'Agile monthly task board', it simply means that the priorities for the month are broken down into baby steps onto post-it notes and the task board we set up gives a simple but very powerful overview of daily progress.

Each month, when we reset the board, rather than throw the post-it notes away (which would mean losing sight of how much progress we've made) the post-it notes are collected in a jar, like my 2017 jar here...

Using this simple, yet visually very powerful approach to planning, we never lose sight of how much we've achieved and measure our progress based on the relevant steps we are clear we need to take at each stage of our journey.

With love,


Founder of Mpower for mum in business, Award-winning business coach & mentor, author of The Invisible Revolution

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