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5 Confidence Boosters

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2017

There are all moments in life when we wish we felt more confident, particularly if we are trying something new.

Sometimes however, particularly after having children, our general confidence level can take what feels like a permanent dip – we just don’t feel as confident and self-assured as we use to – even when we’re simply trying to get on with the basics.

Worry, doubt and overwhelm can plague us – we just wish we felt more of the confidence we used to feel before.

Below, Tracey Wall, Mpower Expert on confidence building shares five steps to beginning to build greater self-confidence…

Self-confidence is so important in almost every aspect of the roles we juggle as mums and Mumpreneurs.

Confident mums inspire confidence in others whether it be our partners, colleagues, friends and more important our children – enabling them to develop theirs. 

The great news is that no matter your starting point – even if you feel you have no confidence at all, self- confidence can be learned and built on.

Here are five confidence boosting steps to get you started:

1.  Raise your self-awareness to what you tell yourself and how you respond to situations. Identify what creates negative emotions such as distress, fears, unease, negative beliefs, inabilities, etc. Build you awareness as to what’s really going on in these situations and consider how you can respond differently for a different outcome.

2.  Challenge your inner voice - confidence increases when we convey positive supportive messages even when life’s curveballs come your way.  Practice challenging and ‘reframing’ your negative thoughts.


3.  Practice Self-kindness – It makes a huge difference when we are kinder to ourselves.  Be kinder in how you view and treat yourself.  Self-care is an easier thing to do when you feel you are worth it and deserve it!  Starting by writing 10, 20, 30 things you like about yourself and keep going.  Journal about your qualities, your strengths and compliments from others.  Read these back to yourself regularly and notice how good you feel acknowledging what you recognise is good and like about yourself. 


4.  Develop Self-acceptance – when we accept ourselves the way we are, ‘warts and all’, we begin to blossom as we recognise our uniqueness, in turn our inner confidence grows and the world around us begins to recognise us too.  The journey to greater confidence starts from within you.  Practice accepting compliments graciously – note them in your journey.  Feel good about compliments you received, take time to acknowledge what it is someone has seen in you.

5.  Seek opportunities to grow (or accept our mistakes and things not working out how we expected and learn from them) – there is no such thing as failure.  Where we’re not as happy with the result as we were expecting/wanting, ask yourself what went well that you can take forward.  Ask also, what didn’t go so well - what could you do next time to develop and create a more positive outcome.  Admitting our mistakes and learning from them is a great source of fuel for developing our inner strength and confidence.

Real confidence comes from within you, from creating goals you really want that are important to you and will generate positive feelings when you achieve them.  Focus on how you can make them happen one baby step at a time.  With small incremental success, you’ll keep your spirits high and your fears and ‘what-ifs’ at bay as your grow in confidence with each tiny achievement and positive step toward success.

Of course, one thing that can help a lot, as you build your own confidence, is to surround yourself with the right people - people who understand and support you unconditionally, who will become your chearleaders, reflect the best in you and believe in you (even when you don't quite believe in yourself) - come and join our supportive Facebook community of over 800 like-minded mums in business who will do just that!  See you there xx

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