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7 reasons to join a Mastermind group

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2016

Joining a mastermind group is one of the wisest investments you can make with your time and money, here's why:

  • Mastermind groups make achieving what you want easier
  • Mastermind groups give you support
  • Mastermind groups help you get answers to your questions
  • Mastermind groups help build your confidence
  • Mastermind groups help you get clarity and stay focused
  • Mastermind groups help you avoid overwhelm
  • Mastermind groups help you get unstuck and overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Mastermind groups harness the power of group thinking to come up with ideas and solutions you could not come up with alone
  • Mastermind groups help you get bigger and better results in less time
  • Mastermind groups give you fresh perspectives and help you think outside the box
  • Mastermind groups boost your creativity and energy
  • Mastermind groups give you encouragement and confirmation
  • Mastermind groups challenge and help you grow in a supportive way
  • Mastermind groups prevent you wasting your time and money
  • Mastermind groups stop you feeling alone and isolated
  • Mastermind groups help you to commit to actions and take the steps that are important to you
  • Mastermind groups help you make changes and develop new ways of thinking and working
  • Mastermind groups decrease the time it takes to reach your goals
  • Mastermind groups reduce stress and struggle
  • Mastermind groups help you get clarity on your big vision of how you want your business and life to be (where you are going)
  • Mastermind groups help you connect with your purpose, your big why
  • Mastermind groups help you clarify your goals and effective strategies for acheiving your goals 
  • Mastermind groups help you create a clear plan that will guide you step by step
  • Mastermind groups give you a sounding board for your ideas and a place to receive honest feedback
  • Mastermind groups create a safe and non-judgemental space to work through whatever might be holdiing you back
  • Mastermind groups give you an infinite pool of resources to draw on
  • Mastermind groups connect you with people who believe for you the things you may find difficult to believe for yourself
  • Masterminding is not the same thing as networking, you need both

So if you're a mum in business, here are the 7 reasons to join an Mpower Mastermind group:

  1. Mpower Mastermind groups are specifically for like-minded mums in business
  2. Mpower Mastermind groups are affordable and you don't have to commit for a whole year (because founder Nicola Huelin is on a mission to empower one million mums in business and doesn't believe that money should be a barrier to women creating the success they deserve)
  3. Mpower Mastermind groups aren't just limited to business support - business success does not happen in isolation from who you are and what's going on in all the other important areas of your life
  4. Mpower Mastermind groups are an ego-free environment, there is no sense of compretition only opportunity and collaboration, no sharp tongues, no sharp elbows and no judgement (we all really get and genuninely support each other)
  5. Mpower Mastermind groups are specifically aimed at women in the earlier stages of their business journey anywhere between startup and making your first 60k profit
  6. Mpower Mastermind groups are fun, friendly and become your business family
  7. You have the option of joining a virtual mastermind group from the comfort of your own home (no travel time or costs and no childcare required, you don't even have to get out of your PJ's!)


Interested in joining a local or virtual Mpower Mastermind group?

***Join our Mpower Mastermind facebook group and find out how

Be warned: #anythingispossible #expectmiracles


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