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11 Ways To Accelerate Your Business Success

business inspiration Sep 13, 2019

What does 'more' success mean to you?

Perhaps if we spoke to each of you and got you to speak frankly and honestly about what you would like more of in your business, and boiled everything right down, we might here things like…

More results!


A bigger impact.

Or, more clients.

Or, more money.

Or, a combination, or all, of the above.

Oh, and by the way, I want to achieve it all while enjoying a fantastic quality of family and personal life in the process.

And of course if you choose to invest in something like a business accelerator programme, it's because you want to fast-track your journey in achieving all of the above.

Does that sum it up in a nutshell?

That’s great!

Don’t be shy!  We know many heart-cantered, passionate, purpose-led business owners (that’s us here at Mpower too), can feel a bit uncomfortable saying loud and proud that we want more – more clients, more money and more time to enjoy it all.

We don’t want to come across as greedy, selfish, money-driven, self-obsessed, uncaring, or simply wanting too much – do we?

But if we’re honest with ourselves and each other here in the MBA, we know that even if are building a business we love, we still need lots of clients and money. 

Of course we do!

So let’s start by busting some myths and establishing some universal business truths:


  • Wanting lots of money is bad thing
  • Wanting lots of clients is bad thing
  • Wanting more while working less is lazy or greedy
  • Becoming really successful only happens to others and means working far too hard and making far too many personal sacrifices
  • Getting what you want changes you as a person in a negative way
  • Not achieving your big vision and goals can make life even harder

Universal Business Truths

  • Without clients you don’t have a business
  • Money is like oil, without it our life/business engine cannot function (even charities and not-for-profit need money)
  • Getting bigger results from less time, simply means we are working smarter and are investing our precious time wisely
  • Success is available to everyone and doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your soul or change who you are
  • We ALL have something to offer that another person desperately needs right now and by playing small we are depriving others of the solution we have. Therefore, the drive to be successful can often come from a very selfless and generous desire to make a difference.
  • The main barrier between us and what we really want in life and business, is our own fears.

 Great!  So when we boil things right down, most business owners fundamentally wanting some very similar things.

There are of course, a couple of caveats to all of this…


What success means and looks like will be different, for each and every one of us.

The best way to make it happen, again, will look different for each and every one of us.

There is no ‘cookie cutter’ formula.

However, there is what we call ‘The Mpower Way’, which is really all about finding YOUR way.

That’s what the 'Mpower Way' is all about, helping you to lay the foundations for success, building your business and achieve what success looks like to you – in the way that’s right for you and your loved ones.

The other caveat is…

There is no such thing as overnight success…

There is no magic bullet.

Great things often take time.

However, in business - with the right mindset, know-how and surrounded by the right people – in time, anything is possible!

Hang on a minute…

Did I just say “there is no magic bullet”, and “great things often take time”?

So if MBA stands for Mpower Business Accelerator, what does Mpower mean by accleration?  How does it work? 

At Mpower, we know from experience that truly successful people, who enjoy massive and sustainable success experience accelerated business success on 11 different levels...

1 - Accelerated Learning

In today’s digital world, we can find SO much free, conflicting, confusing information out there – so much so, it can become overwhelming.  When we start out, often don’t always know which questions to ask or what’s relevant and what’s not.  Just figuring out what you need to learn can be a slow process in itself.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we need to try and learn everything.  And with so many ‘bits’ of information, it an feel like an impossible puzzle trying to figure out how it all fits together. If you particularly love learning new things, this can become a Shiny Object Syndrome  distraction, learning for the sake of learning, and we stuck in a cycle of constantly learning rather than applying and taking action to move us forward

The MBA solution to this is having everything you need to know provided from a single source, and provide what you need, and when you need.  The learning is guided by experienced and trusted experts who can help you both understand the big picture and also how that breaks down into the relevant pieces for you – so nothing essential gets left out or overlooked, nothing is incorrect and you don’t lose time wading through irrelevant or misleading information.  There will still be lots of exciting things to discover and learn, however, you can now learn with clear intent and confidently focus on the bits which are relevant to you and avoid wasting precious time and energy on the bits that are not. 


2 - Accelerated Answers

Often, no matter how much we know are learn, and not matter what stage of the business journey we’re at, we come up against a question we don’t have the answer to.  Sometimes, we can just ‘Google it’.  Thank goodness for Google, how on earth did we survive as a species without it! ;-)  However, Google doesn’t always provide us with the answers we need, and sometimes it’s not the sort of question you can Google in the first place.  If these important questions remain unanswered we can quickly become blocked, we feel stuck, we don’t know who to ask or how we’re going to find the answers.

The MBA solution is three-fold.  Firstly, you have the content, resources and exercises in your 24/7 online MBA Vault designed to help you in a way that will pre-empt or answer as many of your questions as possible.  Secondly, you have access to your MBA mentor and our team of experienced experts who between them can help you get the answers to 95% of your questions, and for the potential 5% specialist questions which fall outside the professional remit of our team of experts, we will always know who to ask within our trusted wider network of business specialists.  Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, you have an incredible group of MBA peers around you, where you can quickly get answers, input and insights when you are faced with a question or challenge that only a group of other like-minded women on a similar journey can really help to solve by coming together!


3 - Accelerated momentum

When it comes to business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that success is a straight line journey and that it’s all about going faster…and faster.

The MBA approach to speed and accelerated momentum is to understand that, it’s less about going as fast as possible, and more about finding the pace that’s right for you that can be sustained over time.

Moreover, the MBA approach recognises that life doesn’t only have one gear…savvy successful people understand there are a multitude of gears in their life and business gearbox, and they know how to shift them to avoid crashes and burnout, navigate challenging terrain, put their foot down when they need to, cruise when they want to, and ultimately enjoy the ride!

When the going gets tough, and it sometimes will, momentum doesn’t always look like a forward movement.  Sometimes life can throw us curve balls throwing us off course or bringing us to our knees.  During this time, it’s less about the speed at which we move forward, and more about our ability to bounce back, the speed at which we get back up, dust ourselves off and start stepping out again.

And finally, accelerated momentum can be less about overall speed, and more about staying at the right speed on the right track.  During these times, challenges or when fresh opportunities arise, we often need to stop and think things through, to figure out if we’re still on the right path or doing things the right way for what we want to achieve and where we want to end up.  Rather than just storm on at 1000/mph on the wrong direction, sometimes momentum is actually about ‘slowing down to speed up’ - taking a pit stop to review, reflect and restart with a better/smarter course of action which will ultimately get us where we want to go and how we want to experience getting there, faster!


4 - Accelerated confidence

This thing we call Confidence – that feeling of being able to do or say something without feeling afraid or worried, is something that we’d all love to feel all of time.  When we feel confident, we don’t second guess ourself, we feel positive and bold, able to take action without hesitation.  People who are really confident, seem to be able to achieve things more easily.

The reality is, there are times in life our confidence can take a nose dive.  At certain times of life, our confidence levels can change across the board, and sometimes our confidence can dip in certain areas – especially when it involves stepping outside our comfort zone – doing something we’ve never done before, meeting new people, going to new place.

When our confidence levels drop, we can quickly find ourselves feeling unsure about things - our feelings of natural confidence about being able to handle anything, are replaced with hesitation, uncertainty, worry, anxiety, overwhelm – we become ‘hesitant’, ‘held back’, ‘stuck’ or completely paralysed by doubt, worry and fear.

There is no better way to test your confidence levels than by starting and building your own business -  there are any ‘confidence issues’ lurking around, they quickly begin to surface!

At Mpower, we know from experience that getting the results you deserve in your business, doesn’t just rely on you being good at what you do, it’s not just about your technical skills and how good your product/service is – your success will be heavily determined by your personal confidence levels.

The secret is, Confidence is the result you get when you successfully combine certain other factors.  So the MBA solution is to make sure you have the magical mix you need to build your confidence levels to the highest and strongest they’ve ever been.

With cast iron confidence, nothing will be able to slow down your progress – block you, hold you back or get you stuck.  Instead, you’ll move forward confidently – with greater ease.




5 - Accelerated action

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of believing that accelerated action is about ‘doing more’ and ‘doing it faster’ – we are building a successful business, not just getting good at ‘busyness’ – and there’s a big difference. 

The MBA ethos is that accelerated action is actually about the power of that action to create the results you most desire – therefore, accelerated action is about:

  • Purposeful action – doing things for the right reason
  • Effective action - doing the right things (avoid wasting time doing things you don’t need to be doing)
  • Efficient action – Doing things the right way (having the best approach)
  • Paced action – Doing things at the best speed for the best results

The foundations and tools you will learn in the MBA, creates the platform for ensuring you can achieve all of these.


6 - Accelerated results

When you’re building a successful business, AND raising a family, it’s not enough to only get results in your business.  All too often, people can fall into the trap of believing that in order to get the business results they want, they have to put the rest of their life on hold or make unrealistic sacrifices in other areas of their life in order for it to have a chance of working.

The MBA’s definition of accelerated results is about achieving results across ALL areas of life that are important to us – Business, Money, Impact, Health, Lifestyle, Relationships, Motherhood, etc.

The other trap people can fall into when thinking about speeding up their business results, is where the focus is so much on short-term, immediate gain corners are cut, foundations are forgotten and we end up building a house of cards.  Do you remember the story of the three little pigs?  Yes, it’s quicker to whack up something in straw…but how fit for purpose will it really be, and how long can it survive?

The MBA ethos to accelerated results, is getting you and your business to the point where you can experience exponential growth in a way that’s’ sustainable, scalable and based on solid foundations.


7 - Accelerated ability to enjoy the journey

Building a business is not always easy, and there will be challenges along the way – there always are.  However, we can’t afford to stop enjoying the journey.  We all know how precious life is, and how quickly time flies…we only have to look at our children as a reminder of quickly they grow up.  Each and every stage of their lives, is a precious part of the experience of motherhood and family life…and we want to be able to enjoy it all as much as possible.  After all, isn’t that a big part of why many of us choose to go into business for ourselves in the first place….to be able to enjoy a better balance with family life, be there with our children when they need us the most.  The MBA ethos is that accelerating success, is not all about postponing feeling good and enjoying life until some distant point in the future when you’ve ‘finally made it’.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, we only get one shot at each day, (ever seen Ground Hog Day…best film ever, but we don’t get that chance to relive the day over) and so with the MBA we understand the importance of being able to enjoy this process of building a business and experience more balance, flexibility and happiness - sooner rather than later.


8 - Accelerated connections

Accelerated connections is all about developing the right breadth and depth of relationships with the right people.

Have you ever heard the expression “It’s not what you know, but who you know”?  Well in business, it’s both!  The strength of your business and your potential for growth is very much dependant on the strength of your network.

When I was school, I noticed there seemed to be two different types people in my class – there were people who had LOADS of friends, they seemed to make friends easily and they were friends with pretty much everyone. Then there were those who had a few, very close friends who did everything together.  I was the latter!  No right or wrong, we’re all just very different.  But in business we need to be a blend of both of these.  We need both breadth and depth in our network. It’s not enough to simply know one person in the world as if they were family, nor is it beneficial to have a gazillion connections which only every remain as superficial as a ‘follow’ on Facebook or a business card in your top drawer.  What we need is a ‘T-shaped’ network, broad enough like the top bar of a capital T, with a good proportion which have a real depth and meaning to them.

The MBA solution, brings you a ready-made T-shaped network.  Thanks to Mpower, you’ll be stepping into a ready-made community and audience of women in business, which continues to grow month on month.  Currently as we write this, the Mpower community has around 1500 members, and if you read this brilliant article by Kevin Kelly, 1000 True Fans, you’ll understand the potential here.

Add to the breadth of this exciting community, the depth of connections you will make in the MBA team of experts and like-minded peers to build business connections for mutual support, creation and sharing of opportunities, mutual referrals, collaborations, joint ventures, potential service swaps and future clients – the MBA will truly bring you accelerated connections.


9 - Accelerated energy

Our energy is one of our most precious resources.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that money is more important, but look at this way:

  • You can borrow money, but you can’t borrow energy
  • When money runs out, you can make more – when your energy runs out, you can do nothing

When our energy is at a good level, it is often accompanied by better emotional, mental and physical health.  Understanding how to increase, manage and protect our energy levels is a vital business (and life) skill.

The MBA view when it comes to accelerated energy is not about using your energy faster – it’s about maintaining your energy at optimal levels so that you always have enough for what you want to do in life both in business and our family and personal life – for ourselves, our loved ones and others.


10 - Accelerated money

Money can be tricky topic, especially when we don’t have as much of it as we need or would like.  It’s an area where everyone will be different – we’ve all had different experiences around money growing up, our beliefs about money will be different, and what we consider to be ‘enough’ or ‘desirable’ will be different too.

The MBA ethos around money is that money is neither good nor bad, it’s like oil in an engine, we need it to make it all work for us.

When it comes to ‘accelerated money’, the MBA view is that it’s not about making more money faster no matter what the costs. 

Accelerated money, is about getting to a place sooner where money becomes something we feel calm, clear and confident.  Accelerated money is about investing wisely, avoiding costly mistakes, building passive income, developing multiple income streams.  With accelerated money, we have more than enough to cover our current needs, and enough to build towards our future desires – whatever those may be, and they will be different for each and every one of us.

The MBA is about understanding and managing the numbers with confidence, securing funding when it’s necessary, being clear and confident in creating a healthy cashflow, controlling costs, and maximising income.


11 - Accelerated time

The sands of time are constant for all of us – much as we would all love an extra hour or two, we all have 24 hours in day, and although we may find that ‘time flies when we’re having fun’ it’s impossible to speed time up or slow it down.

So what do we mean by ‘accelerated time’.   Well, just like ‘Energy’ above, time is one of our most precious resources, more valuable than money and money cannot buy it, nor can you borrow or lend it.  And have you ever noticed how the less you have left, the faster it seems to go (just like a toilet roll!!!).

But with the MBA we don’t want time to go faster, quite the opposite, we want your time resource to ‘go further’.   Combining business success with enjoying a wonderful life is about having the right approach to business, equipped with the right tools, to leverage more out of your time, so that you can do more and get more, with less time.   

It’s not about chasing time, it’s actually about slowing down, in order to speed up.  Forget about learning ‘time management’ this is more like time mastery.  Where time becomes a non-issue – we are calm, clear and confident that we can avoid the pitfalls and time wasting traps and mistakes, and always have enough time for what we want to do, and time to enjoy doing it.

We invest our time wisely and we always enjoy getting the best from it.


12 - Accelerated impact

We are all here to make a difference in some way shape or form.  It’s easy to make the connection when we thing about the business we are building – we want our product or service to make a difference for our clients.  By accelerating our business success, we are by default amplifying the impact we are making for our clients.  Our businesses will also be creating a ripple effect, having a positive impact within communities, society and in some cases the world at large.  Actually, because we are a mother, starting and growing our own business will always have an impact on the world at large on so many levels – check out Mpower founders TEDx talk to understand the the MBA ethos of ‘How Mums In Business Are Changing The World’  

If you'd like to experience accelerted growth and success in your business, find out more about the MBA (Mpower Business Accelerator) programme


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