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Uncategorized Jan 12, 2018

A letter the old lady wished someone had written to her when she felt unsure, doubted herself or times got tough!
Dear younger self,

I want to start by saying thank you, and there are so many things I want to thank you for.

Firstly, thank you for being you and for finally believing in yourself. I know the road hasn’t always been easy, but thank you for trusting in your ability to get through the tough bits. It’s only now that we look back, that you can understand how those tough times were also a necessary part of the journey. Only those challenges could help you to become who you needed to become on the inside, in order take on the mission of pursuing and receiving the stuff of your dreams.

I also want to say thank you for seeing the bigger picture of your life and not getting swayed from your own path. I know how easy it would have been to get sucked into living a life based on other people’s expectations and doing things the way others do it, but thank you for having the courage and the strength to follow your heart and to listen to your intuition.

You have learned and grown so much as a person, I am so proud of you. Did you ever imagine that business would turn out to be such a personal journey? Did you ever imagine you would achieve so much - for your self, your loved ones and for others? If we were to measure the happiness, love and positive difference you have made in the lives of others and the difference you have made, the ripple effect of goodness into the world that has emanated every day from who you are and what you do - you would know that you had a million dollar business from day one!

You have met so many good people along the way, so many new friendships forged on similar values and passions. Thank you for being so genuinely supportive of others, and mostly thank you for receiving help when you most needed it. It takes strength to ask for and receive help, it takes wisdom to know when and how to ask the right questions. It takes an open, curious and courageous heart to grow as you have done.

You now see so much more than you ever did.

Where there was once just noise you now hear and understand the meaning.

You learned to let go of the past, and to what doesn’t served you in the now, and to have faith in your higher vision of the future.

You are stronger than you have ever been, yet more vulnerable than you have ever dared.

You have learned how to shape your inner world and to enjoy its reflections in the outer world.

You gave yourself permission to shine centre-stage in your own life and see how that helps others to do the same, like the sun that signals to the tender buds that it is time to open and blossom safely.

What you thought was once just a business, became the greatest expression of your creativity and the most influential teacher of pursuing your hopes and dreams and overcoming your greatest fears. I wonder if you realised back then how your business would unfold as it has? I hope you feel proud of just how far you’ve come - not just because of where you are now, but because of where every step along the way has taken you.

Your children are now grown, I see how you look at them with those admiring eyes - proud of who they have become and what they now, in turn, are doing in the world as they pursue their dreams, just as you showed them how.

Your journey has been a divine exploration of uncharted territories, opportunities and possibilities, embedded in the daily experience of the simple joys of motherhood and life.

Your journey has been full - full of learning, laughter and love. Your journey is far from over, you still have so much more to come.

Keeping being you
Keeping following your heart
Keeping listening to you soul

I love you

your future self xxx

(Author - Nicola Huelin)

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