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Marketing Mistake #1 - Not having the right ingredients in the kitchen

marketing Mar 10, 2021

I see so many business owners struggling with marketing and knowing how to get paying clients, and I'm passionate about changing that - helping female entrepreneurs nail what I call Authentic Marketing in way that will have clients seeking them out.

In this blog series, I cover the 14 biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to marketing and what they can do to avoid them.

So, here's marketing mistake #1...

#1 - Not having the right ingredients in the kitchen
Imagine for a moment that brilliant Marketing, is like baking a scrumptious cake that's irresistable to your ideal clients.  There are people out there craving your unique cake that's going to satisfy their hunger and once they've had a taste, they'll want to keep coming back for more.

So you're in the kitchen, ready to get baking.

You've got your personnalised recipe that, step by step, is going to create your scrumptious cake.

You've got the tools and equipment you need to make it happen.

But before you can get started, there's one important thing you need in place first - INGREDIENTS.

The way your cake turns out is going to depend on:
a) having the right type of ingredients in the mix
b) having the right quality of ingredients

Many newbie business-bakers make the mistake of jumping straight in, even when the cupboards are bare, or they make do with any old limited ingredients they happen to come across.

How easy is it going to be to bake a scrumptious, irrestible signature cake, that has your name all over it, if we don't have the right ingredients to start with?

Marketing is the same.

Creating a scrumptious marketing outcome, that has your ideal clients seeking out your irrestible offers,  starts with making sure you have all the right marketing ingredients in place first.

The good news is, you can find out what the ingredients are and check if you've got all your ingredients in place with my FREE Marketing Made Easy Checklist.

It will help you see where your blind spots are and what might be missing that's currently leading to struggle when it comes to getting paying clients.

If your checklist highlights some gaps that you need help with, I'm excited to say the doors will be opening next month to my Marketing Made Easy foundations course -

I'll be offering an insane early-bird discount to my mailing list and Mpower audience for the first 30 Marketing Made Easy foundation course spots.

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Time to download the Marketing Made Easy Checklist and start making your marketing shopping list!

I'd love to hear how you scored on your Marketing Made Easy Checklist...
- Where are you nailing it?
- Which areas do you need to work on?

Wishing you a fab week ahead.

Much love,

Nic x


Nicola Huelin

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