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#mumsmakeithappen by Fiona Moonan

interviews May 08, 2017

1.Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

I worked for 20+ years in the stockbroking world having various roles from editing and production, supporting analysts with their travel arrangements and being the go between for the London and New York office which meant lots of flying back and forth.

2.What changed within you when you had children? 

I didn’t want to spend all of my time commuting, to only get home when it was time to put the children to bed. I wanted weekends to be full of us doing things together, but as time went on I was trying to recover from long working hours and the commute, catching up on all the housework and washing etc, doing things with the children and then getting ready for the next week and paying somebody else to look after my children. I did try 3 days per week, but I just ended up squeezing 5 days work into 3!.  I realised this is not the life I wanted – I had been told I couldn’t have children so felt very blessed to have 2 and decided that I was not going to miss them growing up and I wanted to be the person when they did their “first” of everything. So then I had to find something that worked for both me to earn money and me as a mum.

3.What inspired your business idea?

Having a coffee with a good friend and trying to look at what jobs I could do from home, around the children. She then suggested organising holidays and honeymoons (she was already in the travel business)!  I had never thought about this and had just looked at my skills at organising business travel as something that was in the past.  However, the more we talked and I thought about it, the more it made complete sense – I am very methodical, trustworthy and always want to do my best. So I decided to use my skills to help people find the holidays and honeymoons they wanted, without all the added stress that comes with that.  I also decided to do business travel too as I was already used to doing this side of things.

4.How did you move the business from a dream to reality? 

Following on from the conversation with my friend, I came home and did a lot of research about the company she worked for and other companies that offered similar home working opportunities.  I felt the company she had joined offered me everything I wanted, with the opportunity to create my own business and work as much or as little as suited me.  I signed up and went along to my first training course the following week and Half Moon Travel was born.

5.What makes your business different?

Me ! J  My clients know that I will always do my best to find what they are looking for and that I listen to what they want.  They know that before I send them any options, I will have already seen that it ticks as many of their boxes as possible and let them know of the boxes that it might not tick. They know if they have a question, no matter how small, they can call me – it’s never a call centre they get through to.  They also know that as existing customers they can get hold of me out of office hours and over the weekend if they need to.

6.How do you promote your business and what have you found works the best? 

The ways I promote my business are by networking, mainly as I like the face to face contact with people and I love hearing about what others do.  I also attend wedding fayres at certain hotels, some of which I am their preferred supplier for honeymoons when brides come and look at their venue.  The majority of my work comes from networking and referrals from clients.  I have never found the need to advertise in magazines or newspapers.

7.What was your biggest challenge in this journey? 

My biggest challenge was probably how to wear so many hats – networking, quoting, making sure I had several customer contact points with each customer before and after their travel, training, social media, accountant, mum, wife etc. and trying to make sure that even with all of this going on as a new business, I still made time for my family – as that was the reason for starting this!

8.And what has been your proudest moment?

I think my proudest moment in business was to receive a phone call from a couple who had been on their honeymoon.  They called me the morning they landed and they were both very emotional.  They wanted to call as soon as they could to say a huge Thank You and to say that they had had the most amazing honeymoon and it was MORE than they ever dreamed of.  It was a very emotional phone call from both sides as I was a bit choked up that this couple had taken the time to call me literally after stepping off the plane.  I love hearing clients tell me all about their experiences and the things they have done while

9.What top tips/advice would you give our Mpower mumpreneurs? 

Be the best that YOU can be – don’t waste your time and energy thinking that everyone else is doing so well and making it look easy – when you feel like you are struggling.  Everyone is at different points of their journey and people’s circumstances/support are very varied.  If you speak to some of those people you think are doing amazing, they would probably tell you of their struggles and some of them will even tell you that they admire YOU! 

Find yourself a good support group – one that you feel safe in – so that on the days were its not going too well you can get support from people who’s genuine intention is to help you succeed with no hidden agenda.  When you get to share hurdles climbed or big achievements, these groups can make you feel like you have won an Olympic medal.  To have people who have gone through/or are going through the same/similar experience as you and a SAFE place to post questions, without being judged – in my opinion is invaluable.

10.Finally what’s your #mumsmakeithappen moment? (a moment where you made something happen thanks to connecting, collaborating or getting support from another mum in business)

My #mumsmakeithappen moment is I think meeting another Mpower mum, Sarah Thomas from Made by Plumb.  She introduced me to Nic and after attending a meeting and chatting to Nic, I realised she was the what had been missing from by journey so far. I then started my Mpower journey, which has enabled me to grow my business, look after myself better and given me a SAFE environment where I can ask others to look at what I am doing and give me suggestions as to how I could do it better or differently.  I have also learned lots just by reading about other members experiences and journeys.

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