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#mumsmakeithappen by Jude Hill

interviews Apr 11, 2017

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

My Business journey started nearly 20 years ago, I was working for BT and was on maternity leave with my second son, working as a Marketing Manager; my post was made redundant so I took redundancy and started my driving school Business with the funds, this worked well initially I was able to work flexibly take time off for long weekends and nativity plays etc..  I did have dreams of recruiting other driving instructors to do the teaching element & I was going to focus on the marketing & finding clients, but I never found the time to teach, build the business and look after 2 small children.

2.  What changed within you when you had children?

  Rolling on some years and many life experiences later including injuring my back in a severe car accident in 2009 and the break up of my marriage in 2011, I was winding down the Driving school business and moved across to a network marketing business as this fitted better with my current circumstances. This then grew and expanded into organising and running events and things were growing, then the plug was pulled on this business virtually overnight; I felt sorry for myself for a few weeks and then decided I had to act! I then started learning about on-line marketing as my original career was in marketing, I had always found clients in both my driving school business and for my network marketing and had been dabbling with on-line methods but I decided I was going to put time, effort & money into learning how to do this effectively in order to launch another product.

3. What inspired your business idea?

 After raising my profile and demonstrating my connection skills, I was approached by a friend who started Evo Girls networking and I was asked if I would do the Social Media for Evo Girls, I accepted this offer which was shortly followed my many more enquiries from others asking for help with their Social Media and organically I had started a Social Media Business. I am different as although I follow some of the same core principles of marketing online; I believe the real value to small business is knowing how to attract and connect with not only their Ideal clients but other businesses they can collaborate with and key influencers and building a strong community.

 4. How did you move the business from a dream to reality?

It grew very organically at first but because it was the sort of business that could be done around my other commitments it was perfect! I then got to a point of wanting to help more businesses as I was getting more enquiries than I could handle & the cost of someone else managing their social media made it prohibitive for some. I then set up a group program training small business owners on everything from Strategy, optimising their accounts, being on the right platforms, sharing the right message with the right people to helping them create content and making connections with ideal collaborative partners & key influencers and much more.

5. How do you promote your business and what have you found works the best?

 I mostly promote my Business by networking and social media via my community and other groups I am actively involved in; I am expanding this as I am currently writing a book “Stop Marketing Start Connecting” which will be out in the summer enabling me to reach more people and for them to get to know like and trust me and my method of marketing via my book.

6. What was your biggest challenge in this journey?

 My biggest challenge was having enough time to fit everything in as a single mum to 2 boys; one with Asperger’s and one with ADHD, I attended a transformational workshop last June and had a major shift relating to this and booked myself onto a 3 day Business retreat based on the Energy Alignment Method and this changed my life and business again! I released energy around losing my son 25 years ago which had flared back up out of nowhere earlier that year,  I was then asked by Yvette Taylor (creator of EAM) whether I thought  I should be doing social media as a business or if I maybe had another calling? Well after the retreat and some soul searching I have decided I do have another mission to empower parents who have lost a child to transform their lives and be happy again and I have created Sadness to Sunshine as the vehicle to do this, which is my proudest moment so far as this mission is so dear to my heart.

7. And what has been your proudest moment?

My proudest personal moment as a mother is raising 2 Independent young men as a single parent as they are both at college learning something they love, have part time jobs and travel independently via moped and car. My proudest business moment is still being in business after nearly 20 years, changing and adapting as I went and having the strength to pursue my new business; Sadness to Sunshine.  

 8.  What top tips/advice would you give our Mpower mumpreneurs?

 My advice for Mpower mumpreneurs is to trust your instinct, there have been many times over my years in business & life, when looking back I wish I had trusted by Instinct and alongside this believe in yourself and surround yourself with others who support you in what you do such as the Mpower community.

9. Finally what’s your #mumsmakeithappen moment? (a moment where you made something happen thanks to connecting, collaborating or getting support from another mum in business)

My #MumsMakeItHappen moment is the “Resilience” of still being in Business nearly 20 years later adapting to change as I went and being ever thankful for the supportive community of ladies I have had the privilege to meet along my journey just like all the Mpower mums led by the amazing inspirational Nicola Huelin!

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