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#mumsmakeithappen by Louise Cartwright-Orr

interviews Apr 08, 2017

1.       Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did for a career before you made the change?

 I wouldn’t say that I had a career before working for myself – I became a holistic therapist some 20 years ago and have continued my studying journey ever since – qualifiying in several therapies, I went back to college when I was a single mum and then started at Uni studying to become a midwife but that didn’t work out because my kids were too small. I went on to work part time in an office and studied my personal training and fitness qualifications along with nutrition and then most recently my NLP and Time Line Therapy Cert. 

2.       What changed within you when you had children?

Having my children was not a happy time for me. I remember thinking that I was 26 with 2 kids, no prospects, an unhappy marriage and “was this it”. I suffered with severe PND and I couldn’t see a way out

3.       What inspired your business idea?

I suffered with eating disorders and body image problems from 12 up to around 32 and so when I became a PT I wanted to help women feel strong and fit mentally as well as phsycially. However, I soon realised that this external work was literally just the icicing on the cake and I wanted to work with women more deeply and help them create a whole new life.

4.       How did you move the business from a dream to reality?

It’s been a constant evolution for 5 years – I’ve just never given up even though I want to regularly

5.       What makes your business different?

It’s organic. It’s a labour of love and determination I guess. It’s just as much about me proving to myself what I’m capable of as it is helping others see their greatness

6.       How do you promote your business and what have you found works the best?

I use my facebook group and page, recently started on twitter and Instagram but I have to say that promotional work is not my strongest.

7.       What was your biggest challenge in this journey?

If I’m honest, carrying on is always a challenge. Having my own business has been like a crucifixion for me, a massive spiritual and emotional journey and it’s having faith in myself that can be challenging.

 8.       And what has been your proudest moment?

Walking away from my studio. I was earning good money and to everyone on the outside I’d done so well but I was so unhappy.

9.       What top tips/advice would you give our Mpower mumpreneurs?

Listen to yourself. Take advice sure but remember that NOONE knows how you are feeling and when we allow our feelings to guide us, we can’t go wrong.

10.   Finally what’s your #mumsmakeithappen moment? (a moment where you made something happen thanks to connecting, collaborating or getting support from another mum in business)

For me, it’s a series of moments where these wonderful women have picked me up, encouraged me, supported me and held me when I felt most vulnerable. Without so many of them I would have given up on myself a long time ago. xx

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