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PRESS RELEASE - 100's of UK Mums nominated for a new national business award

mpower news press release Apr 17, 2018

UK pioneering community, Mpower for mums in business, announced the launch of the Mpower National Business awards to recognise and celebrate what it truly takes to ‘make it’ as a mum in the first four years of starting and growing a business.

Over 100 Mums in business have been nominated for a New National Award launched by Mpower... and there are still 2 more weeks to go!

  • April is nominations month for the Mpower National Business Awards, shortlist to be announced on 24 May 2018.
  • Finals gala to take place on Saturday 23 June 2018 at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury in London.

These awards seek out and champion seemingly ordinary women, in the first four years of building a business and raising a family, whose courage, passion, creativity, commitment and vision has helped them to take a leap of faith, overcome obstaclesand start and grow a business facing the unique constraints and challenges of also being a full-time parent.

“There are a lot of awards out there, and we are proud about what makes these awards, and the women who enter, different!” said Nicola Huelin, multi-award winning business coach and founder of Mpower for mums in business and mum to four children with her partner Graham. “Often invisible to most, mums in business are changing the business landscape, while raising and inspiring the generations of the future. We believe their efforts and successes in overcoming the unique challenges of combining business and motherhood, particularly in those first few years when it’s the hardest, need to be recognised and celebrated.

”Mpower prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are judged by a panel of experts who are all successful parents in business.

Winners will be chosen solely on merit and are awarded one of 10 inspirational categories to commend those most deserving for their personal and professional qualities and achievements distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

Tracey Wall, awards judge and co-organiser, founder of Empowering Mums said “The response since opening nominations on April 2nd, has been better than we could have imagined, and we have some incredible sponsors coming on board. Not only are women nominating others, they are findingthe courage to enter themselves, which is what we most want to encourage”.

Emily Thorpe, awards judge and co-organiser, founder of Happy Working Mum said “Mums get so good at juggling everything they do and often underestimate just how much they are achieving, especially in early stages of business and we want to change that and celebrate all that they do.”

Lucy Griffin-Stiff, awards judge and co-organiser, founder of Starting Conversations said “Whether you win or not, simply taking part in an award is a fantastic way to make new connections, get your message out there and boost your business”.

Graham Wilson, awards judge, UK top Leadership Expert, founder of Successfactory said “Mums in business have a unique challenge of balancing family life with business, these awards give busy mums an opportunity to stop, reflect on what they’ve achieved, and celebrate their successes”.

To learn more about our awards, to enter or get involved as a sponsor, visit the Mpower Awards website (

About Mpower for mums in business
Mpower for Mums in Business is a business support community providing events, coaching, mentoring and masterminding for mums in the early stages of business – founder Nicola Huelin is a multi award-winning business coach and mentor and author of the new book The Invisible Revolution: Inspiration, insights and practical advice to build a business you love (Practical Inspiration Publishing). Find out more at:


For further information: Nicola Huelin Mpower for Mums in Business
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