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Meet Gayle Berry, our Social Impact sponsor, and find out why she chose to support the Mpower awards and how Blossom & Berry is empowering mums and mums in business...

Meet Gayle Berry, founder of Blossom & Berry

Why did you choose to sponsor the Mpower National Business Awards?

Because I want to support new mums in business. New mums are creators and creating your own business is like having another baby. Mothers and women in business need celebrating!

What do see as being the biggest challenges facing mums in business?

Time management, juggling, feeling guilty and doing too much.

Tell us a bit about your own business journey?

Blossom & Berry was born out of love! I began my career sixteen years ago as a city lawyer in London but after having my children, and discovering the power of touch and the benefits of baby massage, I left my job and started to teach infant massage and yoga.

My practice expanded along with my knowledge and experience, and I began training people just like you so that I could share the benefits of early connection, infant massage & yoga across the world. There are now more than 300 successful teachers in the Nurture Collective across the world, all supporting parents, babies and children and teaching the importance of love.


What is your number one piece of advice to mums in the early stage of business?

Be organic. Grow slowly and gently and establish strong roots. From here you will flourish. Have clear boundaries for when you are working and when you are not. Enjoy the whole thing and don’t rush.

How does your company help mums in business?

We  help mums achieve their dream parent and baby practice.

Taking the step to teach infant massage and yoga may feel a bit daunting but it’s the start of something very exciting which will enable women to love what they do, create their own flexible business and help support parents and children. We support our students all the way.

What are you most looking forward to at the finals Gala on June 29th?  

The party, the people and the celebrations of mums in business.

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