Empowering women

and working parents in the workplace

For organisations to reach their full potential, they need to harness and retain the power of a diverse and talented workforce.

Organisations thrive, when all individuals thrive...

In today's fast-changing world, particularly during these unprecedented times of challenge and uncertainty, giving employees access to the right levels of support is critical for both organisational performance and employee well-being.

With 26 experience in business, 24 of them as a parent, I understand first-hand the unique challenges experienced by women and working parents in the workplace.  Following a 10-year successful corporate career that I loved - in marketing, project and change management and business consultancy - when I became a full-time coach, mentor and faciliator 9 years ago, it always felt important to me to be empowering women and working parents "both sides of the fence". 

Whilst a lot of my time is spent working with female business owners, not everyone wants to, or is meant to, become a business owner - and more than ever, organisations need to harness and retain the power of a diverse and talented workforce.

A big part of my personal mission has always been to empower career-committed women and working parents to make their difference at work, in a way that works both for them and the organisation.

Over the last 5 years, I've had the honour of working with forward-thinking, caring national and global organisations who understand the key to their success is the personal success and well-being of their employees.

Personal & Leadership Coaching - unleashing individual potential

As a qualified, certified coach, I support females at all levels of the organisation - from young talent to established leaders, through bespoke one-to-one coaching - helping every woman to reach her full potential with confidence.

Women's IMPACT programme - nurturing female talent

A life-changing 3-month group programme providing women with a powerful blend of training, coaching and masterminding to harness the 7 Pillars of personal IMPACT and make big IMPACT with confidence.

Thriving in Challenging Times - supporting working parents

Inspirational and interactive training and masterminding workshops to give your working parents a safe, supportive space to connect, share insights, get inspiration and learn the 4 essential tools to thriving.

Women's Leadership Development

For organisations looking to invest in their leaders of today and the future, I'm proud to have teamed up with Graham Wilson, one of the UK's top Leadership and High Performance Team experts and trainers and his team at Successfactory

Together, we offer organisations bespoke womens leadership training and development programmes that combine Successfactory's unparreled experience of training over 85,000 new-world leaders worldwide and the power of making things happen outside the training environment through transformational coaching. 

Our women's leadership programmes ensure aspring, new and established female leaders have the skills, tools and support they need to develop their authentic leadership style, and confidently take their leadership journey and impact to the next level.

Programmes are tailored to the your organisation's strategic objectives and cover all of the essential leadership competencies (from developing impactful leadership brands, developing resilience, building and leading high performance teams to leading change and innovation) and ensure a maximum return on investment for the individual, their teams and the organisation.

Professional Bio

Nicola Huelin is a certified, professional coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator with over 26 years' experience in business as an executive and senior business consultant within multiple indsutries; Telecommunications, IT, Public Sector, Education, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship.

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Whether you're looking for transformational one-to-one coaching for key members of staff, to empower groups of upcoming female talent, provide your working parents with powerful support or develop your leaders, we can help.  Let's arrange a quick chat to explore your organisation's needs and I'd be delighted to put together a proposal to suit your budget

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