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Meet Charlotte & Andrew Wibberley, our Courage sponsors and co-founders of Do It For The Kids...

Why did you choose to sponsor the Mpower National Business Awards?

I have known Nic since early on in my entrepreneurial journey, when our youngest was just a baby.  I love what she is doing for Mums in business and believe in the values and mission that MPower stands for.  Personally, I have supported mums in business for over 5 years, and I have also been lucky enough to have been involved in various campaigns, including being part of Dame Julie Deanes Self Employment review in 2016, particularly around maternity discrimination.   Last year I was proud to be a finalist in the Cheerleader category, and with the launch of our new joint venture focussed on mums, Do It For The Kids, it seemed the natural time to be involved at a deeper level. [Charlotte] 

A personal message from Charlotte...


Why did you choose the Courage category?

The main thing friends and family said to us when leaving our corporate jobs behind was “Wow, that’s brave”.  Some meant that in a genuine way, others were too polite to say “WHAT ARE YOU DOING leaving the security of a paid job?!??”.And the reality was that we didn’t really have a clear idea of what we were doing, but we knew that the time was right to put our family first and to follow our dream of building flexible businesses with our children at the heart of it all.  We were compelled to make the brave leap.

From that point on we’ve learned that courage to do your own thing is vital to succeed as a business owner and as a parent. We can’t wait to hear stories of some incredible people who are doing great things for themselves and their families.

What do see as being the biggest challenges facing mums in business?

The rising costs and inflexiblity of childcare is obviously a huge one – parents are struggling to justify the costs of nursery or childminders, and not everyone has family who can lend a hand.  And working at home with the kids around you isn’t really an option – if our kids know I’m home, they are on my lap, tugging at me to go build dens or demanding food. 

I also think the dreaded mum guilt comes into play – particularly for those who work from home. The thought of ‘I’m a terrible person for not being with my baby all the time’ can creep into our heads, but it is important to remember the bigger picture, the vision we are working towards and the ultimate benefit that will have for us and our families.

Tell us a bit about your own business journey?

I started my own business after having our first child Alex in 2012 when the return to work options weren’t really an option for me.  Over the past years I have successfully built and launched three businesses – a VA business, coaching & strategy for female entrepreneurs and then in developing VIPVA - an industry organisation for freelancers and VAs supporting them on their business journey.  I have also helped numerous other mums to build their own businesses on their terms.

Andrew joined me in the world of self-employment shortly after the birth of our second child, Evie, 2 years later keen to find that work/life balance and so that we could co-parent. He has developed a successful business as a consultant in the life insurance world helping others make insurance easy to buy.

As well as Evie starting school this year, 2019 also sees us working together on our exciting new venture, Do It For The Kids, that uses our combined skills to make a positive difference for families when they need it the most.

What is your number one piece of advice to mums in the early stage of business?

Don’t try to be a superwoman and try to do it all alone.  We are born collaborators and we need a support network. Find yourself a tribe, a mentor or a group of friends to bounce ideas off of and a good network of people you can rely on when the times get tough.  And a cleaner. Definitely hire a cleaner.  ;-)

How does your company help mums in business?

We help busy mums find the life insurance they need. We know that running a business and being a mum is a ridiculously hectic existence, and that things that you mean to get round to rarely get done due to the daily pile of unexpected things that life throws at you. 

Do It For The Kids creates awareness of the importance of getting life insurance to ensure that your family is protected if you are sick or die.  We then put mums in touch with the best experts to allow them to understand and buy the cover their family needs.

What are you most looking forward to at the finals Gala on June 29th?

In honesty? Getting to meet a room full of inspirational and real parents juggling business and parenthood, just like us.  It will be great to see some old friends, make new connections and be part of such a wonderful event celebrating the mums juggling motherhood and business.

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