Because when life throws us bitter lemons, we throw everything at coming together to support one another!

Sadly, nobody is immune to the impact of the current climate. 

So, Mpower is bringing together the expertise and energy in our 2k-strong community of mums in business to give extra support during these challenging and uncertain times. We're curating expertise, connecting and sharing daily in the Mpower Facebook Community for mums in business

When life chucks bitter lemons, we choose to throw everything at helping each other bounce back and make lemonade - helping each other stay strong, build resiliency & get be in the best possible place to bounce back and thrive again.

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daily business expertise, heart-centered help & uplifting connections...

Every day, Mpower will be curating and delivering help and support from different experts to lift your spirits, raise your energy and boost your business.

Nic has created a page to make all these resources available in one place

Every Friday at 1pm, Mpower hosts a "Virtual Coffee Q&A" on our video conferencing platform - our panel of expert coaches/mentors answer all your most pressing questions and concerns, followed by uplifting connections and conversations over your cup of coffee, so we can feel connected and "more together" than ever (45 mins)

Sadly, due to the current situation, Mpower founder Nicola Huelin had to cancel the Mpower National Awards Gala on June 27th and postpone our awards activity until the time is right again, to move into celebration mode.

With a personal mission to empower one million mums in business, and the awards on hold, Nicola has pledged the time and energy she would have invested in bringing you the awards, into creating an initiative to help as many of you as possible with additional support and resources during these challenging times.

Nic has been overwhelmed with offers of support from both inside and outside the Mpower network.  If you'd like to get inolved and share your expertise as part of our free programme, register here and let us know how you'd like to help


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