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Do you wish you had more clarity?

Have you got loads of ideas, but are feeling stuck or a bit lost?

Are there questions, problems, challenges you are struggling with?

If you're feeling like you could do with some support, tired of feeling isolated in your business, wishing you had a group of professional, like-minded women you could turn to for help...with Mpower Mastermind Groups you've found the soluton and your business family!

Mpower Mastermind Groups are just one of the benefits of becoming an Mpower Marketing Made Easy Mastermind member

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Being part of a mastermind group is like rocket fuel for your business and your confidence. It offers the support, inspiration and accountability you need to get better results in less time, without overwhelm...

Where the magic happens

Mastermind groups are small, intimate groups that meet once a month (virtual and in-person) to support you in your business journey, giving you the support, space and time to focus on you and your business...

"I have never done anything like MPower Masterminds and didn't really know what it would be like. WOW it is so powerful - being able to talk about your biggest fears/worries or just having a rough time - with complete trust and knowledge that the people you are sharing this with only have one agenda - to help and support and get you through the bump in the road. Also the others in your group will have a different take/view on your business because it's not personal to them - this can be invaluable as sometimes we need guidance from a different perspective. Thank you to my lovely MPower group"

Fiona Moonan
Founder of Half Moon Travel

"Being part of the MPower Virtual Mastermind group has proved invaluable to me. It is a small group of friendly, suppportive and like-minded mums who help me talk through some of my issues and challenges on a monthly basis (and even in between calls) and who also cheer me on and encourage me. I absolutely love it and I don't know where I would be without this monthly support group. I highly recommend it for any of you looking for connection, encouragement and support."

Fabienne Vailes
Founder & Author of The Flourishing Student

"The monthly meetings are so great, not only because of the support & help I have received, but also because it gives me a chance to help & support the other members of the group. Also being apart of the Mpower community helps because I know that in between the masterminding meetings I can always pop on to the community to ask a question or get a bit of support when I'm feeling a bit down. Value for money goes without saying & Nicola keeps on adding more support & help to the group. I know that my business will continue to grow with the support from the Mpower community."

Radio Show host & Founder of Evexio Ltd Events
Amanda Flanders

"I had such a brilliant time and found you and your energy (and that of the other ladies) so positive I couldn’t help but go home full of confidence and new found enthusiasm! My focus now is to decide what marketing/selling direction I need to go in – and then do it!! Nicola and the rest of the ladies, you’re brilliant!"

Sarah Parkman
Inspirational Jewellry Designer

How can a Mastermind Group help me?

Being part of a mastermind group is like rocket fuel for your business and your confidence.

Each session gives you an opportunity to:

  • focus on you and your business
  • get answers to your questions
  • get help getting unstuck and overcoming obstacles
  • get clarity on your strategy, plans and steps
  • get accountability
  • maintain momentum and focus
  • have an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with a group of friendly, welcoming, like-minded women

    If you've never taken part in a mastermind group discover more about the benefits of joining a Mastermind group

    Get masterminding and expert marketing and business support that's affordable...when you become part of Mpower's Authentic Marketing Made Easy Mastermind.

Ruth Oshikanlu MBE - founder of Tune Into Your Baby shares her experience of Mpower Mastermind Groups

Our virtual Mpower groups make real masterminding even more accessible

  • no travel costs - saving you time and money
  • no child-care hassles
  • get the business support you need from the comfort of your own home.

Mo matter where you are in the world you can join a masterminding group from the comfort of your own home.

You don't even have to get out of your slippers!

Listen in to a virtual group...

Hear what members of one of our virtual groups say - why they love the group and how it helps them (it's an audio because the video didn't come out in the recording, darn it - but I've kept it and still share the audio as it was such great feedback from the heart, unscripted, unrehearsed and I wouldn't want to try and recreate it)...

Here about Amanda's experience (founder of Evexio Ltd Events)


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