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Ever sat there wishing more people knew about what you do – wishing you were more visible with a bigger and stronger network of the right people for you and your business?

Ever sat there wishing you felt more energised and inspired, more connected and less isolated?

Ever sat there wishing this whole ‘being your own boss thing’ brought more opportunities to have fun and feel really alive, seen, heard and recognised?

Well, here it is…

The Mpower Gala 2019 is your opportunity to find yourself in a room with 100+ like-minded, like-hearted mums in business who will become part of your business and support network…

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Who will be there?

Women who can uplift and inspire you

Women who will really get and understand you

Women who might need what you do or know someone else that does

Women who are all feeling like you, and also ready to feel like they have finally found their business family

The Mpower Gala takes place once a year…and there is no better way to create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with people than to spend time with them in real life! 

Technology is great, but you know all those faces you keep seeing on Facebook, now is the time to put a person to the picture – nothing can replace the powerful magic of sharing inspirational and fun real-life moments with others.

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This is your chance…

Join us for facilitated networking – you might come alone, but our plans for looking after you and facilitating the evening will make sure you leave with a host of new connections made and relationships deepened

This is your chance, to join us for fun, great food and a few bubbles

This is your chance to join us for celebrations as we announce the Mpower award winners (perhaps you entered the Mpower awards, and it will be you)

This is your chance to soak up the evening’s inspirational content, electric energy and uplifting vibes…

...walk away feeling like you’ve been plugged into the grid and pumped full of rocket fuel for the next leg of your journey, surrounded by like-minded women who are all part of the same movement.

Imagine...’s June 29th at 7.00pm and you’ve just arrived at the VOX in Birmingham. You’re wearing a lovely dress, gorgeous shoes (perfect for dancing) and you feel fabulous.

You walk in to the lobby, you’re excited, but a little terrified…maybe terricited! Maybe you don’t know many people or anyone at the event.

You don’t have to worry because as you walk into the lobby you are greeted by an Mpower Ambassador, who shows you where to put your coat, where to get your complimentary drink (bubbles or anything else you might fancy) and then introduces you to another mum in business at the party.

You see at Mpower we do things differently; we want all mums in business to feel supported, to know that they’re in the right place and above all we want you to succeed.

So what can you expect on the night of the 29th?

  • 'Drink as much as you like' reception with other like-minded mums in business
  • A delicious 3 course meal
  • Grow your network and meet new friends, who understand what it takes to juggle business and family
  • Dance the night away..

And you could walk away with an Mpower Award too.

Simply by attending the Mpower Gala, you will also be helping to make a massive difference to families in Malawi, as £2 from every ticket will be donated to Love Support Unite

We hope to see you there,

Sending love,

The Mpower team

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p.s. Here's a quick summary...

When?  Saturday 29th June 7.00pm

Why? The Mpower Gala is more than just an awards ceremony, it's an incredible opportunity to:

  • make lots of brilliant new connections with like-minded and like-hearted women
  • be uplifted and energised by the evening's inspirational content
  • have some well-deserved fun (we hope you'll bring your friends and family along too)!

Where? The VOX conference centre in Brimingham (1 min walk from Birmingham International Station)

How much?

  • Standard price tickets - £125
  • Those shortlisted by the judges for an award on May 24th will be sent a special code to purchase a ticket at the discounted rate of £85 for yourself and friends and family (if you've purchased an early-bird ticket and you're shortlisted, you will be refunded the extra £10 paid - so by being an early-bird you can't lose - yay!)

Who? The Mpower Gala is open to everyone - so invite your business friends, and ask friends and family to come and celebrate with you and be part of your journey! A fantastic evening to network, celebrate and get inspired with like-minded, and like-hearted women!

We can't wait to see you there and celebrate with you in person!

Got more questions about the Gala, check out our Awards FAQ

Will you join us this year?

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It's time...

You're an Mpower Mum if...

You're tired of ‘either/or’ thinking

– “either we are great at what we do or we are a great Mum”,

we prefer ‘AND thinking’ – where we freely excel in what we do AND enjoy motherhood on our terms too – where we have the flexibility to pursue our own dreams AND enjoy the journey as much as looking forward to the destination

  • We are the women changing the future, while raising the generations of the future…
  • We are the women who are silently changing the world, invisible to most…
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