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Meet Nicola and the team of Mpower MBA (Mpower Business Accelerator programme) experts helping you to lay the right foundations, build your business, and get results in the way that's right for you

Experts in every sense of the word

Our experts are part of the Mpower MBA (Mpower Business Accelerator) team because they are qualified and experienced in their area of expertise and successful business owners in their own right, but it goes much further than that! 

Not only is each MBA expert a parent, each is a role model when it comes to true success as a parent in business, and building a successful business The Mpower Way - making a difference in the world through a business we love, while making a difference at home for the ones we cherish. 

We understand first hand the unique set of challenges and constraints a woman faces when building a business from scratch and being a primary caregiver at the same time...

Nicola Huelin - Mpower and MBA (Mpower Business Accelerator) Founder - Business Coach/Mentor & Marketing Strategist

Nicola Huelin and her partner Graham Wilson have four wonderful children.  Nicola has supported hundreds of women across the UK to build a successful business they love without compromising the family life they cherish.  She is a multi-award winning, certified business coach & mentor, TEDx Women speaker and author of the acclaimed book for Mums in Business The Invisible Revolution - listed by The Independent in the 10 best business book written by women.

With over 20 years experience in business, Nicola is also registered MAC coach (Member) with the Association for Coaching, holds graduate and postgraduate business qualifications with a specialism in Marketing, and was an approved Marketing Advisor on the government’s Business Growth Voucher programme. 

Founder of Mpower for Mums in business - Nicola's work has been featured on international TV and radio, and has received multiple awards, including Mentor of the year 2016.

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Emily Thorpe (Mpower MBA Expert Coach - Mindset & Overwhelm Specialist)

Emily is on a mission to help busy mums achieve work-life balance, experience guilt-free parenting and enjoy a happy business and working life.

Emily is a professional, award-winning coach, speaker, founder of Happy Working Mum and Author of The Working Mum's Five Step Solution To Having It All.  Emily is also the founder of a working parent's well-being consultancy for organisations.

Following a successful 20 year high-pressure career as an Air Traffic controller whilst raising her two boys, Jakey and Fin, Emily is an expert on supporting working and business Mums.

Emily is the UK's leading voice on guilt-free parenting, often appears on the radio, and is passionate about making "Guilt-Free Parenting" a possibility for everyone.

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Tracey Wall (Mpower MBA Expert Coach - Mindset & Confidence Specialist)

Tracey Wall is a leading professional Confidence and Mindset Coach, author, transformational speaker and founder of Empowering Mums & Empowering Mumpreneurs.

Seeking greater flexibility to be the mum she wanted to be following the arrival of her daughter, Tracey left the corporate world behind, graduated with Distinction in Personal Performance Coaching and founded her own business. Her business experience and achievements now span in excess of twenty years and have won her multiple awards.

Tracey is the original Confidence Coach specialising in supporting mums and mumpreneurs who find themselves overwhelmed, low in confidence, procrastinating with their fears leaving them consumed by self-doubt. Boosting their confidence, introducing a self-care routine that meets their needs and helping gain clarity on what it is they really want. Tracey inspires and encourages women to achieve transformational change both in their personal and business lives.

Her expertise is frequently called upon to mentor, speak and comment, featuring in many publications, in-house coach for an online magazine and twice appearing alongside Myleene Klass in her online video series and TV series for parents as a Confidence and Balance Expert for mums.

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Lucy Griffin-Stiff - Mpower MBA Business Mentor & Messaging/Brand Specialist

Lucy Griffin-Stiff has helped some of the biggest, well known, brands communicate clearly over the past 20 years.  Lucy is a brand and communications strategist with a gift for finding the words, messages and hidden stories businesses can use to engage with their audience.

After decades consulting and commuting to the city, the arrival of Lucy’s daughter was the motivation behind setting up her new business -  Starting Conversations ™. Lucy was determined to set up a business that was flexible for family life, and that used her talents to help others do the same too.

Lucy now helps small business owners (many who are Mumpreneurs) build brilliant brands around their business offer, and shows them how to communicate clearly so people buy what they do.

Lucy holds an honours degree in Media Production from Bournemouth University and her forthcoming book, “Brand Before Logo -The Essential Guide to Building an Authentic Brand you and your Customers will Love” will be out this year.

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Liane Orgill (Personal Assistant)

And course, no team is complete without it's own lifeline of support. Liane is an all round office angel and life saver, in her role as both Personal Assistant to Nicola, and providing pivotal support to the Mpower team.

Liane is mum to three wonderful young children, and knows first hand about what it takes for mums on a mission to combine business success with raising a family!

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