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Cheerleader Sponsor

Find out why Rebecca Robertson chose to sponsor the Cheerleader category and her top tip for mums in business...

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Self Belief Sponsor

Dsicover Kerry Herbert's key advice for mums in business and her journey to creating an award-winning buiness

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Innovation Sponsor

Suzanne Dibble, small business law expert. supporter of mums in business,  gives her top piece of business advice

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Community Sponsor

Meet Emily Thorpe founder of Happy Working Mum and find out her top tips for happy mums in business

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Courage Sponsor

Meet Tracey Wall founder of Empowering Mums, discover her journey and fantastic advice for mums in business

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Rising Star Sponsor

Lucy Griffin-Stiff founder of the Starting Conversations - more details coming soon

Our Spirit Sponsor

Dawn Cummins founder of Spirit of Dawn, and discover what she sees as being the key challenges for mums in business

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Social Impact Sponsor

Meet Gayle Berry founder of Blossom & Berry and discover her top tip for mums in business

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Our Vision Sponsor

Ruth Oshikanlu - founder of Tune In To Your Baby - more details coming soon

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Our Inspire Sponsor

Graham Wilson, UK Leadership expert and founder of Succssfactory- more details coming soon

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