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10 extraordinary qualities to recognise and celebrate what it takes to really 'make it' during those earlier years of building a successful business and raising a family

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 Starting a business is nearly always a challenging undertaking and requires courage to step out of your comfort zone and be visible. However there are times when we have major setbacks or face periods of adversity when only monumental courage will get us through it.

Have you started a business no-one thought possible and had to change people’s perception to breakthrough. Perhaps you took a leap of faith to leave a successful corporate career to set up life and business on your own terms.

If you have shown courage in creating or building your business, we want to hear from you.



One of the greatest gifts we can bestow on another person is the gift of ‘inspiration’, lighting a fire in their belly that enables them to take action for themselves.

Have you been an inspiration to others? Perhaps you live an inspired life, being totally authentic and following your dreams. Or perhaps you take time to encourage others who are just getting started by sharing your story and your experiences.

If you are walking the walk and shining a light, we want to hear from you.



There are many moments in business when the odds seem stacked against us. However somewhere deep within our soul we believe in ourselves, our mission, and our journey. This belief allows us to generate the resilience and perseverance to keep putting one foot in front of the other and never giving up.

This category is not for dramatic leaps of faith (see the ‘Courage’ category for that). This category is for the dogged persistence that means you keep showing up even when no-one else does. The commitment to keep going when there is no evidence YET that your efforts have paid off.

If you have that level of self-belief, we want to hear from you.



We all come from a place of love at Mpower but there are some individuals who are so heart-centred that they radiate goodwill to all. They see collaboration not competition, they are generous with their thoughts and deeds, their positive affect on others reaching far and wide (posiripple).

We know that you beautiful souls will be reluctant to nominate yourselves but if you have a passion for seeing other people succeed, a desire to share happiness with others and an overwhelming love for life please share your story with us.



Community is at the heart of Mpower, we are there for each other as we follow our path, all each of us at different stages, all of us balancing our family and our business. This award is for the lady who is there for a community, going the extra mile for others, paying it forward before they may have even reached their goal. Understanding the strength of the group comes from working together rather than as individuals.

Have you created a community around your business, or set up a community project for others to join?

If you are the epitome of a community builder or team player, we want to hear from you.


Our world evolves through constant innovation, the ability to create something new that is contrary to the established norm. At Mpower finding ‘your unique way’ is a core belief. If you have found a way of life outside convention that works for you, your family and your business we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you have been innovative and creative in your business. Do you have a pioneering approach to your customers or a creative approach to your marketing.

If you are breaking the mould and making it work, we want to hear your story..

Rising Star

 Starting a business can be a slow and challenging process, but sometimes we see someone who has made a quantum leap; Someone whose ambition and drive has captured the imagination of others and who has achieved a high level of success in a relatively short period of time.

Have you created a movement in a relatively short period of time? Have you built amazing brand awareness? Or made a record number of sales?

We would love to hear about your success story and the impact it has had on yourself and others – please put modesty to one side for this one!


It is easy to become wrapped up in our own business with an all consuming passion but there are some amongst us, who always seem to be there to encourage and cheer on others from the sidelines, these are our Cheerleaders.

A Cheerleader possesses a thoughtfulness and kindness that enables them to go the extra mile in supporting others.

Are you someone who is there to congratulate a fellow mum when she has had a breakthrough? Are you there as a supporter when someone else has a set back or a problem to solve?

If so, you are a vital part of this movement and we’d love to hear from you.

Social Impact

One of the most satisfying aspects of being a business owner is the ability to give back, either through charitable contributions or by championing initiatives with a social impact. These could be non-profit ventures, purpose-led, sustainable businesses, environmental or community focused projects/businesses

Do you support or champion such an organisation either personally or through your business? Have you made environmental commitments in your business? Do you have a charity close to your heart that you support financially or otherwise?

If so we would love to hear your story.


A clear vision is key in helping you to achieve goals and pursue your dreams. A vision is designed to be uplifting and inspiring, but some mums in business have a vision that surpasses the norm, one that extends into making leaving a legacy and having a massive impact on future generations.

Perhaps you have an idea that will change the world for the better. Perhaps you will bring equality to those who need it. Perhaps you will bring ease into people’s lives. Perhaps you will change beliefs and ideas across the nation (or even the world).

If you have a far-reaching vision we would love to know more about it, including who it will impact and how.

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