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*Recognising what it takes to ‘make it’ as a Mum in business

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The 2018 awards were a huge success, find out more below. We'd love you to join us in 2019! Nominations open in...









Visionary awards for Mums in the first four years of business

The Mpower awards celebrate courage, passion and achievements that deserve to be recognised no matter how big or small. If you’re a Mum in the first four years of starting or growing a business, these awards are for you #mpowerawards

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2018 Results

We are delighted to announce our 2018 finalists chosen by our panel of expert judges for our 10 award categories...

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Meet the team

Meet our team and trusted panel of expert judges who all understand exactly what it takes to succeed in business as a parent

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2018 Sponsors

Meet our 2018 sponsors and discover how to get your business seen by 1000's of women in business

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The Mpower Gala

THE Networking Party of The Year for mums in business! Discover this inspirational evening of connections and celebration...

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The 2018 awards are now over, but you can get involved in 2019...

Why get involved?

IT'S COMMON KNOWLEDGE that there’s a growing movement of female entrepreneurs sweeping the nation, indeed the world. But within this global movement there is a special, hidden group of women…

A group of women we believe should be seen, recognised and celebrated

Mums in those early stages of building a business they love AND raising a family they cherish

These awards are for you...

We forever hear about those who finally ‘make it’ - the 7-figure global empires, or those shouting loudly in euphoric start-up mode.

But what about all the women in between?

The ones who are out there, day in, day out, making it happen!

To most, these look like ordinary women, but we know different…

At Mpower, we know that when a seemingly ordinary woman, like you, chooses to take on the challenge of building a successful business AND raise a family, you are setting out to achieve something extraordinary!

  • changing the future, while raising the generations of the future…
  • silently making a difference in the world, invisible to most…

It’s time for you to be seen and heard.

It's time for all your hard work to be recognised and celebrated.

It's time to become more visible!

We’d like you to join us in showing the world there is a “new way” for women, business and motherhood to co-exist – a “new normal”.

Entering an award is a fantastic way to build your confidence, meet like-minded people and boost your business!

Discover the 10 categories

Do you qualify for an award?

  1. Are you a mum? 
  2. Are you in the first four years of starting and growing a business? 
    Yes?...great, then that’s all there is to it – YOU’RE IN!

Doesn’t matter what your business is, doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, doesn’t matter how big or small

You could be in with a chance of winning a prestigious, national business award – because WE KNOW how many mums in business out there, just like you, deserve to have their courage, passion and daily achievements, no matter how seemingly big or small, recognised and rewarded.

We are on a mission to make the invisible, extraordinary, mums in business...visible!

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Do you know a mum in business who deserves to be celebrated?

Nominate someone today and let us help them to shine in the way they deserve...

Your time to shine...

Mpower Women are ready to invest their time, energy and money in building a business and a life that lights them up,

But are NOT prepared to do it in a way that costs their quality of family life, health or sanity in the process.

The problem is the early years of business are often the hardest.  This is when we could most do with that confidence boost, recognition and visibility. However, it's during these early years, we can still largely feel invisible…unrecognised for our daily courage, and our achievements big and small.

It’s time to shine a light on these women. And show that there is another way to do business and motherhood.

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Why are these awards different?

Apart from the fact these awards are specifically for mums in the first 4 years of their business, what else makes these awards different?

  • Our Values – we value the way things are done and why, as well as the results achieved.  In our world, success is not measured by speed or size.
  • Our Essence – Our awards are all about supporting and celebrating mums in business who are doing things the MPower Way. There is no charge to enter. A surprising number of awards focus on making large sums of money. Often it costs to enter and then it can be up to £300 to attend a finals gala to find out if you’ve won. Mpower awards will be accessible to those in the early stages of business.
  • Our contribution - A proportion of the awards proceeds goes to three amazing charities
  • Our Principles – Our winners are carefully chosen by a panel of expert judges not by a public voting system. This way we can focus on the greatest merit rather than those with the biggest following.

It's time...

How do these awards work?

Did you miss out on the 2018 awards, but ready to meet like-minded women?

You're an Mpower Mum if...

You're tired of ‘either/or’ thinking

– “either we are great at what we do or we are a great Mum”,

we prefer ‘AND thinking’ – where we freely excel in what we do AND enjoy motherhood on our terms too – where we have the flexibility to pursue our own dreams AND enjoy the journey as much as looking forward to the destination

  • We are the women changing the future, while raising the generations of the future…
  • We are the women who are silently changing the world, invisible to most…
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Most savvy business people understand that starting and growing a business is not always easy.

Most savvy business people understand that success is not a straight-line journey, and that those that ‘make it’ have often had to face challenges and struggles, especially during those first few years

Why did you choose to go into business for yourself?

…not because it’s easy money (because it isn’t)

…not because you want an easy life (because it often feels anything but)

…not because it’s what everyone is telling you to do (others can often try to put you off)

We do it because we have a burning passion to create life on our terms, to make a difference in the world doing something we love, while making a difference at home for the ones we cherish.

The Mpower Way

"The Mpower Way is about choosing what words like ‘success’, ‘wealth’ and ‘happiness’ mean to you…and making it all happen without compromising your quality of family life, health or sanity in the process" - Nicola Huelin (Mpower founder, award-winning business coach & mentor, author of The Invisible Revolution)

Read more about the Mpower way
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You might not realise it yet, but you really are...

  • A courageous pioneer because you found the courage to take a leap of faith into the unknown
  • A bold thinker because you challenge the status quo and mainstream messages about what success and wealth should look like
  • A brave creative because you are willing to step outside your comfort zone every day, seeking ways to carve out a path to success in a way that feels right for you

It’s time to stop hiding in the shadows

  • We’re here to empower you to stand up for yourself
  • No need to sit around and wait for others to make it happen
  • No need to stay shy and unsure

No…instead we believe that thanks to the safe, supportive and nurturing tribe we’ve created at Mpower, you can take a deep breath, take bold steps and realise that surrounded by the right people anything is possible!

Never underestimate the power of like-minded, like-hearted women on a similar mission who come together to support one another.

There is a new way to create life on our terms,

A new way for Women who are ready to invest their time, energy and money in building a business and a life that lights them up,

But are NOT prepared to do it in a way that costs their quality of family life, health or sanity in the process.

We’re calling it the Mpower Way and it’s our mission to make this MPower Way become the ‘new normal’.

Let’s shine a light on the steps we are taking, big or small, to change the future, while raising the generations of the future.


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