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Learn the 6 simple steps to take away overwhelm and turn your vision into reality

Do you feel excited about your business ideas, but overwhelmed when it comes to making it all happen?

Do you know what you want, but you’re not sure where to start?

Do you find yourself procrastinating or worrying you’re wasting precious time, and wish you could find a way to finally make progress and get things done?

You've perhaps already spent a lot of time researching the mountain of free information on the internet, and poured a lot of money into courses, programmes, workshops and lots of energy into blogs, webinars and trainings...but you still find yourself feeling lost in a fog, completely stuck or going round in circles.

I can imagine you're feeling excited about your business ideas and goals, but no matter how successful you've been in the past you're probably also feeling scared and a bit overwhelmed thinking about everything you need to know, learn and put into action.

Perhaps you don't know where to start.

Perhaps you're overwhelmed by your huge to-do list and finding that pile of ironing or the idea of decluttering the house is suddenly very appealing!

Perhaps you take action but you're not confident you're doing the right things or doing it the right way, and you feel in a constant state of uncertainty and worry.

Perhaps you're working really hard, doing all the things you think you should be doing, but you're simply not getting the results you deserve and having a consistent flow of paying clients is starting to feel like a mission impossible!

And perhaps you're gradually learning new stuff that helps with certain parts of your business, but overall it's not feeling any easier, and that dream family lifestyle and extra quality time you once dreamed of is feeling just impossible dream!

Your initial reaction is to keep trying to do more, to go faster, to be better.  And this whole thing of building a dream business is starting to feel more like a nightmare!

You might be thinking to yourself this is how business is supposed to be, so you just keep gritting your teeth, doing more of the same, working even harder, or worse still chopping and changing all over the place in the hope that something will begin to make a difference.

But the truth is all the hard work with no results is starting to eat away at your confidence and sparkle.

You went into business to do something you love and to be able to enjoy more quality time with your family, and yet you find yourself stuck inside your head in a constant state of worry and uncertainty, stuck on this emotional roller coaster as you fight to stay positive while you figure out what to do next.

I see so many people struggling

...struggling to maintain clarity and focus

...struggling to figure out where to start and what to do next

...struggling to feel confident they're doing the right thing in the right way

Without a way of knowing what to do, and how to plan and manage their priorities, so many people end up wasting their time, energy and money – ending up either lost in overwhelming to-do lists, confused by complicated planners, or trying to put together complex business and action plans that cause more stress and problems than they solve!

What can I do about it?

You need more than a to-do list, more than a planner, you need a proven process that is going to take away the guess work and get you in what I call your “20% zone” – where 20% of your efforts will bring you 80% of your biggest results.


You wake up energised and excited to start your day.  After special moments being present for your children in the morning over breakfast, you take time to relax over your morning coffee as you begin your day with a deep sense of calm and big a smile because...

  • You understand the big picture of the journey you are on and can enjoy every step
  • You've finally found a HOLISTIC and authentic way of succeeding, not just in your business, but across all important areas of your life
  • Your overwhelming to-do list has gone, and you are crystal clear and confident about what to focus on
  • You are free from fear, you know what to do and how to do it and know that you can handle whatever comes up
  • Procrastination is a thing of past and you maintain momentum with ease and get concrete results every day
  • You are consistently getting the results you deserve, without you having to work harder
  • You are experiencing real results and progress in your business and all areas of life that are important to you (money, health, fitness, relationships, mindset, confidence, parenting...)
  • You have the peace of mind and inner calm to be fully present to enjoy quality of life and time with your loved ones in the way you always wanted
  • You have the flexibility and balance you once dreamed of - being there for your family when they need you
  • You finally have more than enough time to take care you YOU, rather than slipping to the bottom of the list

This is possible for you...

That's not to say there won't be challenges and obstacles along the way, there always are.  There will probably be days you feel like giving up, it happens to us all, but with the right vision and plan that gives you the courage and confidence to find your way of doing things, you can lay the right foundations for what success looks like to you and find your flow.

This 80:20 pareto principle is not a gimmic, entire books have been written about it, and it exists in science, nature and most definitely in business.

When you build and grow your business from the 20% zone

  • life is filled with a sense of ease
  • you get the results you deserve, not just in your business but in ALL areas of your life
  • you are free from fear and brimming with confidence

There's a formula for getting and staying in this 20% zone and that's what I teach, in our online Clarity, Confidence & Clients – 12 month business planning Masterclass 


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"Working through Nicola’s programme has been nothing short of an absolute awakening for me in both my business and personal life. Nicola really ‘gets’ the intricacies of being a mum in business; the constant juggling act and different pulls for our attention and time. I’ve known Nicola for a couple of years now and I have to say she is one of the most genuine, sincere people I have ever met. She is completely unlike many other coaches out there and that, for me, is a great thing. Her knowledge, experience, integrity and kindness place her head and shoulders above the rest. Working through the programme has made me stop and think about where I want to be and what I want to achieve in all aspects of my life. It has been a soul searching process but Nicola’s support and guidance has been invaluable, insightful and nothing short of amazing. I am now working to set my course before embarking on the next chapter of my journey. I can feel myself moving from a constant sense of overwhlem to empowerment and I am loving it. Nicola, I am so grateful for everything x"

Sarah Thomas - Essex
Inspirational Jewelry Maker - Made By Plumb

"This afternoon I finished step 5. Usually I'm hopeless at setting goals and when I do completing them feels a tremendous effort. Needless to say I often don't complete them! Nicola has taken me though a gentle baby step process that has dug into all aspects of my life. It's been great! I've taken the opportunity to properly evaluate what I want and not what I think I should want. So I've realised that many of the goals I've set previously are difficult because they're not what I want. I can see that running a business is just one part of what I want and that being a mum, wife, daughter and woman are equally important to me. My 90 day focus gives me a structure with a huge amount of freedom and flexibility which I love! Brilliant! "

Vicki Raven - Kent
Founder of Caterpillar Learners

"The course is very well thought out and clearly presented via videos and insight sheets. And knowing Nicola is available to help really made me feel comfortable. But I nearly gave up at step 1. I was finding it hard to trust myself. To believe that I can actually visualise my dream because I'd give up or was knocked down so many times before. I really didn't have the confidence to dream again as I felt it was impossible. However, after I shared my thoughts in the private Facebook support group I received overwhelming support and love and I felt I really wasn't alone in my thoughts or my concerns. My insecurities were true and honest but it's fine to feel like that. So I had another go at step one and I'm so glad I did. The questions are truly profound. I felt I was actually loving my dreams. The questions are laid out in a sequential order and take your thoughts and visions through all the different aspects of your dream business and life goals. I'm so glad I persisted as I now feel I can do this. What an amazing set of questions! Seeing it written down it pretty powerful stuff. I just feel really clear now about the kinds of things that I want to be doing and how I want to get there. Thank you Nicola because this is something that Ive probably struggled with probably all my adult life to be fair so this feels like a massive breakthrough. "

Shaza Agabani

"Thank you so much…! It was like gold for me. I started using the business planning tools that you introduced me to and I'm wondering where this amazing organisational system has been all my life. I’m feeling empowered, in control, and excited to get to work on my business. Today is the day that I really fell in love with self-employment!"

Shannon Jones
Founder of Thriving Relocation

By the end of this Masterclass you will:

  • have absolute clarity about what you want to achieve in your business and the life you want to create for yourself and your loved ones - your big why, your purpose, your passion and your inspirational vision - what success REALLY looks like for you
  • have a clear outline of how you can turn your vision into a reality, summarised in a simple but powerful one-page plan
  • a full understanding of the most effective strategies for you and your business (particularly when it comes to Marketing and sales - the lifeblood of any business - without clients you have no business)
  • be confident you are laying the right foundations for sustainable business success
  • wake up every day knowing exactly which steps to take and with the clarity and confidence to take them with ease
  • have the tools to make sure you get the most from your precious time and energy, staying in your 20% zone - where 20% of your efforts get you 80% of your results
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