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Meet Suzanne Dibble, our Innovation sponsor and and small business law expert, and how she is supporting mums in business...

Meet Suzanne Dibble, small business law expert

Why did you choose to sponsor the Mpower National Business Awards?

I believe in the vision. I have always supported mums in business since I set up my first legal business, lawyers4mumpreneurs, ten years ago. I realised that mums who had set up their business to work flexibly around their family (as I had done) often struggled in obtaining quality legal advice and were often unnecessarily exposing themselves to legal risk. So I structured my first legal business entirely around the needs of mums in business – skype calls in the evening when the kids were in bed, affordable fixed fees so that they had absolute transparency over the final invoice and talking to them in language that they understood. Even then, there were mums who perceived that they could not afford my legal consultancy and hence the Small Business Legal Academy was born – legal training and templates for those who could not afford one to one advice. Being a mum in business myself, I know that being able to continue to work on my terms around my family is a blessing and I am hugely supportive of other mums who want to do the same.


Why did you choose the Innovation category?

I chose the Innovation category because as a mum in business I have always innovated and this has given me the leading edge. When I wasn’t willing to compromise on the hours I worked or the way that I worked, innovating meant that I didn’t have to compromise. What has that innovation looked like – structuring legal services in a way that makes sense for working mums turning away from the way that traditional legal services are offered, using modern methods of communication such as facebook groups to educate, using membership sites for a one to many model meaning cost effective pricing and actively looking to help under-represented business sectors.

What do see as being the biggest challenges facing mums in business?

Managing time, self-belief and attitude to risk are the biggest challenges that mums in business face. Mums in business tend to aim a lot lower than they are capable of and play it safe. I have been guilty of that when I started my own business. As women, we tend to have a healthy dose of imposter syndrome. That together with being the main carer for the children and having to drop things for their needs keeps us playing a lot smaller than we need to. Saying that, if a mum in business decides that for very valid reasons she only wants her business to grow a certain amount and she is getting all she needs from it, for example in terms of financial reward, independence and purpose, then playing small is good enough!

Tell us a bit about your own business journey?

I set up my own legal practice when I was pregnant with my first child. I understood marketing so rather than just being a ‘small business lawyer’ of which they are tens of thousands, I became a mums in business lawyer, of which there was seemingly only me. I quickly identified and formed relationships with the influencers within this niche, resulting in lots of speaking engagements and lots of promotion of my legal services.

Within a short few months I had become the go-to lawyer for mums in business. However, as a result of that success, I was working the same long hours I had done in the City as a Mergers & Acquisitions lawyer, except with a fraction of the pay. So when my second daughter was just 4 months old, I launched my Small Business Legal Academy – a legal template and resources platform that helped small businesses to be proactive about looking after their legal affairs. Although the effort of creating it nearly killed me (2 hours a night sleep while breastfeeding a 4 month old for 3 months), it has now brought me over £1m in passive income revenue.

After many people had asked me how I had so successfully productised my expertise, I launched my own mastermind and mentoring groups teaching other women how to productise their expertise and then how to become the go-to expert in their niche. Most recently I co-founded Empress, the global collective for successful female entrepreneurs, with Dr Joanna Martin and have enjoyed exquisite transformational journeys with our members from around the world.

What is your number one piece of advice to mums in the early stage of business?

Don’t play small. You’re much more skilled and more powerful than you think you are.

How does your company help mums in business?

We provide cost effective legal solutions for mums in business.

What are you most looking forward to at the finals Gala on June 23rd?

Celebrating the great work of mums in business, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

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