Join the revolution of women choosing to do business The Mpower Way

IT'S COMMON KNOWLEDGE that there’s a growing movement of female entrepreneurs sweeping the nation, indeed the world. But within this global movement there is a special, hidden group of women…

We are the women changing the future, while raising the generations of the future…

  • Are you on a mission to build a business you love?
  • Do you feel passionately about making a difference in the world AND making a difference at home?
  • Are you searching for a way to grow your business, and make your impact in the word in a way that feels right for you?

Mpower Women are ready to invest their time, energy and money in building a business and a life that lights them up,

But are NOT prepared to do it in a way that costs their quality of family life, health or sanity in the process.

There is a growing movement of women creating a legacy in the world through combining both business and motherhood, and it’s one of the most exciting, rewarding and brilliant journeys you can go on.

But let’s be honest…

It’s not always easy!

  • Perhaps you are struggling to get enough clients
  • Perhaps you are struggling to find the flexibility and balance that led you to starting a business in the first place
  • Perhaps you’re growing tired of all the hype you see out there, bombarded by noisy, pushy messages from so called experts who want to sell you their ‘one-glove fits all’ formula for success
  • Perhaps you’re worried that in order to succeed in your business it means you are going to have to become someone you are not, and put yourself out there in a way that just feels all wrong
  • Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed or simply a bit lost about how to turn your dream business into reality

If any of this resonates with you, you are in the right place, and I’m so glad you found us

My name’s Nicola Huelin, award-winning and certified business coach and mentor, and founder of Mpower for Mums in business - the UK’s #1 support community for purpose-led, heart-centred mums in business who are looking for a new way to succeed in business

You’ve perhaps spent weeks, probably months, if not years trying to get your business to take off in the way you hoped it would when you first started out

Perhaps you started by spending hours pouring over all the free advice on the internet

Perhaps you’ve spent days attending workshops, talks, webinars trying to find the answers

And perhaps you’ve invested heavily in ‘experts’ who have let you down and not delivered on their promises

Despite your passion and talent, if you’re truly honest with yourself, you’re feeling disappointed with the results so far given all the time, energy and money you’ve put in

Maybe you’re starting to wonder if you’ve really got what it takes

Maybe you’re worried the passion is starting to fade, you’re becoming tired, frustrated and overwhelmed

Maybe you feel alone, surrounded by people who don’t really get you or seem to be waiting for you to fail and go back to a ‘real job’

Don’t worry, you’re not alone...

Many of us have been in that place!

We know how it feels in those early years of business

Those early years where you have to invest the most, but the results aren’t always visible

Those early years when you feel you need to learn more than is ever possible in a lifetime

Those early years when the voices of self-doubt and fear start to creep in and overwhelm starts to take over and you question whether you’re really good enough

Those early years where everyone else around you seems to be finding it all so much easier

Those early years where you feel you could literally cry at the idea of this not working after all you’ve been through to get this far

Those early years where you feel hidden in the shadows – you’re great at what you do, but nobody really knows about you – you feel invisible

Those early years where you feel isolated – you’re surrounded by people on social media but finding it hard to make real and meaningful connections

“If only” you say to yourself, “If only”…

  • If only you could get greater clarity, direction and focus
  • If only you could feel more confident, clear and calm
  • If only you could understand how to get more clients with greater ease
  • If only you could find the way of doing things that feels right for you
  • If only you could get access to the essential tools to help you build your dream business
  • If only you could be surrounded by the right people who support, encourage and inspire you
  • If only you could find a safe, nurturing place to ask questions and get help from trusted experts and like-hearted women on a similar journey to you, who truly understand what you are trying to achieve

Look no further, you are here...

Join the hundreds of women, who together are creating a ‘New Normal’, a new way to succeed in business, on our terms!

Doing business the Mpower Way, means finally being able to do business and live life Your Way – with family, fun, happiness, authenticity, love, collaboration, purpose, honesty, flow, ease, balance, flexibility…

...putting all these things we value at the heart of your business and lifestyle in order to be able to enjoy the journey itself as much as the idea of where we are heading.

The Mpower Way is about choosing what words like ‘success’, ‘wealth’ and ‘happiness’ mean to you…and making it all happen without compromising your quality of family life, health or sanity in the process.

The Mpower Way is about doing business with Purpose and Passion, with a desire to make a difference in the world no matter how big or small,

The Mpower Way is also about not having to do it alone…but do it surround by the right people

Like the African Proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go with others!”

Never underestimate the power of like-minded, like-hearted women on a similar mission who come together to support one another

Together… we can

Together…we will

Together…we are

Together…anything is possible

Welcome to the world of Mpower for mums in business <3

I’m Nic, founder of Mpower for Mums in business and an award-winning accredited busines coach and mentor, transformational speaker and author of The Invisible Revolution, with over 20 years experience in business

I'm on a mission to empower one million mum in business - to help them build a successful business around the family life they love!

It sounds huge doesn’t it? So what does that actually involve?

In a nutshell, I'm passionate about giving women the support they need to build a business they love - so they can build a successful business on their terms - without sacrificing their quality of family life, health or sanity!

I’m all about helping women like you, get clear on YOUR vision of success, make CONNECTIONS, get the inspiration, insights and practical advice you need and have CONFIDENCE in your ability to run a truly successful business. I also want you to feel AMAZING while doing it!

I know right now, you probably have doubts about whether you can have the success that everybody else seems to achieve with ease.

You don’t have a regular flow of clients and aren’t sure what to do to become more visible.

As a mum you’re torn between spending enough time on your business and quality time with your family.

Despite everything you’ve already achieved in life, you still worry you might not ‘be good enough’ – after all you’re good at what you do but not an expert in business and at this stage of life you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Everyone else thinks you’ve got it together but quietly you feel scared and overwhelmed by the idea of how much you’ll have to do. You don’t know much about marketing and the idea of ‘selling’ yourself brings you out in a cold sweat.

I totally understand your fears; I’ve been there.

I also know the magic that happens once a woman is armed with connections, clarity and confidence and is able to trust in her ability to create the life that she and her family deserves.

Having supported hundreds of women on their journey, I know that building a successful business while raising a family is not just possible, it’s totally realistic!

You can have the flexibility and work-life balance you crave, guilt-free; getting 80% of your results in just 20% of the time.

If you're wondering about my qualifications and credidentials as a business coach and mentor, then please do check out my professional bio

If you're interested in my personal story, my journey, the challenges and triumphs of combining business with motherhood over the last 20 years and why I started Mpower, then you can read my personal story...


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