On A Mission To 

Empower One Million Women

looking for a new way to succeed - their way!

On A Mission To Empower One Million Women 

looking for a new way to succeed in business - their way!

Since 2013, Mpower is on a mission to empower 1M women in business.

Women on a mission who want to make a great living doing what they love, make a difference through what they do and enjoy an amazing quality of life in the process.

The Mpower vision is that YOU can enjoy your version of success...

...without overwhelm.

Nobody should have to worry they haven't got what it takes.

Nobody should have to compromise on what feels important.

Nobody should ever have to give up on their dreams!

Nobody should feel alone.

The Mpower Way of achieving your biggest, boldest goals is about getting the right support, inspiration and trusted expertise, to make it work...YOUR way.


I believe reading this book will give you courage to begin...and courage to succeed.

Lucy Piper / Presenter



Mpower is more than a movement, it's a revolution.

A revolution of power - unleashing the power within each individual to achieve their version of success.

The M of  Mpower stands for:



The power of what can happen when purpose-led women on a mission make their visions a reality.

Making A Difference

The power within every individual to make positive changes within their own lives and the world around them.


The power of the impact 1 million empowered women can have on other people and the world around them.


The power of mindset to fuel our achievements with clarity and confidence and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


The power of leveraging our precious time and energy and finding FLOW - where 20% of our efforts lead to 80% of our biggest results.


The power of having trusted support and expertise to confidently step outside our comfort zone and achieve our biggest goals.


The power of mastering our own journey and writing our own story.


The power of making a great living from doing what we love, and the impact income can have in fuelling our dreams, impact and empowering others.

Moving Mountains, Magic & everyday Miracles

The power of combining all of the above makes #anythingpossible

About Nicola Huelin

Mpower founder and award-winning business coach/mentor and leadership coach, Nicola Huelin, is on a mission to empower one million women in business.

Discover her professional bio and personal story...


T H E  M P O W E R  W A Y

Mpower supports & celebrates the revolution of

 empowered women sweeping the nation

Purpose-led women on a mission to make THEIR difference.

Women with a unique set of talents, gifts, expertise and experience.

Women with ideas and contributions, no matter how seemingly big or small.