On A Mission To 

Empower One Million Women 

looking for a new way to succeed - their way!

On A Mission To Empower One Million Women 

looking for a new way to succeed in business - their way!

Since 2015, Mpower is on a mission to empower 1M women. It's more than a movement; it's a revolution

- giving power to each individual to achieve their version of success.


I believe reading this book will give you courage to begin...and courage to succeed.

Lucy Piper / Presenter



The M of  Mpower stands for the combination of:


Making a difference

The power each individual has to make a a life-changing difference, when supported to reach their highest potential.


The power of like-hearted people on a similar mission coming together to make a positive difference in the world.


The power of our conscious and subconscious minds to fuel our achievements and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


The power of making things happend and sustaining our biggest and most important impact.


The power of having the right trusted support and expertise to confidently step outside our comfort zone.


The power of mastering knowledge, time and energy with the greatest impact and fulfilment.


The power of making a great living from doing what we love.

Moving mountains, Magic & everyday Miracles

The power of combining all of the above makes #anythingpossible

T H E  M P O W E R  W A Y

There’s a growing movement of

 empowered women sweeping the nation

Indeed the world. But within this global movement there is a special group of women…

We are the women building the future, while raising the generations of the future…

Women on a mission to make a difference inside and outside the home.

Women with a unique set of talents, gifts, expertise and experience.

Women with big ideas that can change the face of business.

Being a mum can be challenging

but with the right support, combining business/career with motherhood

can be one of life's greatest adventures

✩ Through Mpower, founder and Business Coach & Mentor Nicola Huelin, is on a mission to help one million women succeed on their terms and make their difference, doing what they love.

 Business is not just about profits, it's equally about the difference we make to people.

 Mpower brings women the inspiration, expert support and practical tools to make their dreams a reality - turning overwhelm, doubt and frustration into clarity, confidence and connections.

✩ Mpower Women are ready to invest their time and energy to achieve their goals, BUT they don't believe in sacrificing well-being and quality of life.

 This is the revolution: A growing army of women, loaded with passion and ambition, creating a legacy in the world - role models successfully combining both business/career and motherhood.

At Mpower we believe, with self-belief and the right support anything is possible!

About Nicola Huelin

Mpower founder and award-winning business coach/mentor and leadership coach, Nicola Huelin, is on a mission to empower one million mums in business. Discover her professional bio and personal story...