Empowering women in the workplace

For organisations to reach their full potential, they need to harness and retain the power of a diverse and talented workforce.

Organisations thrive, when all individuals thrive...

In today's fast-changing world, particularly during these unprecedented times of challenge and uncertainty, giving employees access to the right levels of support is critical for both organisational performance and individual success and well-being.

Having been a working parent and leader in a career she loved, founder Nicola Huelin understands first-hand the unique challenges experienced by women workplace. 

Mpower works with forward-thinking, people-focused organisations who understand the key to the their organisation's success is the empowerment of their people.

It has always felt important to me to be empowering women "both sides of the fence". Not everyone wants to, or is meant to, become a business owner. More than ever, organisations need to harness and retain the power of a diverse and talented workforce who can confidently reach their full potential. - Nicola Huelin

Personal & Executive Coaching - unleashing individual potential

As an experienced, certified coach, Nicola provides personal and executive coaching to support females at all levels of the organisation. From emerging talent to established leaders, her one-to-one coaching helps every woman to reach her full potential with confidence.

Confident Leader - female leadership programme

A transformational group programme for aspiring and high-potential female leaders to to take their leadership journey to the next level. Helping women leaders excel in their current and future leadership roles, build and sustain high-performing teams and thrive professionally and personally.

Thriving in Times of Change - parent workshops

Our inspirational, interactive and practical workshops give your working parents a safe, supportive space to connect, share insights, get inspiration and discover essential strategies and tools to sustain work-life balance, excel in their current role and thrive as a career-committed parent.

Dean Corbett

Chief People Officer - Avado

"You've made a real difference to the lives of those who attended. Thank you!"

Partnering for success

For organisations looking to invest in their leaders of today and the future, Mpower is proud to have teamed up with Successfactory, one of the UK's top Leadership development companies.

Together, we offer organisations bespoke womens leadership training and development programmes that combine Successfactory's unparreled experience of training over 85,000 new-world leaders worldwide and the power of transformational coaching. 

Our women's leadership programmes ensure aspiring, new and established female leaders have the skills, tools, mindset and support they need to confidently take their leadership journey and impact to the next level.

Programmes are tailored to the your organisation's strategic objectives and individual needs and ensure a maximum return on investment for the individual, their teams and the organisation.

Confidence Is Key For Female Leadership

In today’s complex, fast-changing and challenging world, leadership is key.

Studies show that organizations with a greater percentage of women in leadership roles perform better and achieve greater financial results.

  • 75% of women believe being confident in their capabilities is the key to driving their careers forward.
  • 67% of women say they need more support building confidence to feel like they can be leaders.
  • 63% of women cite confidence as the top characteristic of leaders.
  • Yet less than 31% of women describe themselves as confident growing up and less than half (49%) of working women identify with being confident today. 1 

1 KPMP Womens Leadership Study

The Confident Leader Programme

Transforming female leadership confidence, impact & resiliency

Our Confident Leader programme empowers your female leaders to unlock their full potential, create exceptional impact in their current and future roles and thrive personally and professionally in the process.

Confident Leader is for:

  • Emerging talent
  • High-potentials
  • Aspiring leaders
  • New Leaders
  • Under-represented groups
  • Existing leaders
  • Team and project leaders

Establishing the bedrock of confident, authentic, exceptional leadership our Confident Leader programme empowers women to excel in their current role and prepares them to move into more senior levels of leadership.

Our transformational, strengths-based approach to leadership development ensures your leaders not only develop the necessary leadership skills and tools, but equally grow in confidence, resiliency and their ability to bring out the best in others.

Programme topics include:

  • Stepping into your leadership purpose and vision
  • Aligning personal, team and organisation values
  • Developing an authentic leadership brand
  • Overcoming fears and anxiety
  • Avoiding overwhelm and burnout
  • Developing a growth mindset
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Identifying and developing personal strengths
  • Tapping into the power of positive role-models
  • Finding your leadership voice
  • Building your business and support network
  • Mastering leadership and life skills
  • Harnessing the power of compassionate leadership
  • Building, engaging and sustaining a high-performing team
  • Building trust and fostering inclusion
  • Maximising outcomes through agile personal and team planning
  • Managing and resolving conflict (carefrontation)
  • Building resiliency
  • Sustaining well-being and work-life balance


Personalised for the individual – tailored to your organisation

When it comes to leadership development, there is no one-size fits all.  Our Confident Leader group programme is a high-impact, experiential, coaching-led development solution specifically designed to take individuals on a highly personalised, transformative journey, while leveraging the power of the group.

Each programme is delivered through a blend of interactive workshops, masterminding, inspirational events and 1:1 transformational coaching.

Confident Leader can be run for 12-36 people over a 3-6 month period, and is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and aligned to your organisations’ values, branding and strategic aims.

Working with Nicola has been life changing...

Working with Nicola has been life changing for me – whilst the whole programme from the group sessions, tips and tools, to the examples shared all has been beneficial, a real highlight for me were the 1-1 coaching sessions with Nicola. Nicola has completely changed my perception on how powerful these sessions can be. I went in with a high level target to work on and was amazed at how Nicola was able to help me do a deep dive on the thought process and beliefs behind this. Each strand identified was so core to my thinking yet I had never been aware of these factors.

The self awareness I now have is life changing and the positive affirmations I was able to take away from the sessions will help to keep me on track even on days where the self doubt may kick in – I will be better prepared to face those challenges. A massive heartfelt thank you to Nicola for helping me see things with more clarity and updating my outdated beliefs

Mala Joshi, Stoke Poges

Professional Bio

Nicola Huelin is a certified, professional coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator with over 27 years' experience in business as an executive and senior business consultant within multiple indsutries; Telecommunications, IT, Public Sector, Education, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship.

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