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* discover 9 ways to bring some Mpower magic into your business journey

FREE Community

Build you connections, get inspired and connect with like-minded and like-hearted mums in business on a similar journey to you.  Join our FREE online Facebook community

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The Business Book

Listed by The Independent in the 10 Best Business Books Written by Women, discover Mpower founder, Nicola Huelin's inspirational business book for mums

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The Mpower Club

Raise your visibility and promote your business and latest offers to the Mpower world and beyond, whiile feeling supported.  The Mpower Club gives you 10 ways to promote your business every month

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Accelerator Programme

Everything you need to fast track your dream business.  With the MBA (Mpower Business Accelerator_ programme build solid foundations to Skyrocket your results within 6-months. Guaranteed

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Kickstart Consultation

Thinking about getting some one-to-one support from a fully qualified and accredited business coach and mentor you can really trust? Book a complimentery 60min kickstart consultation

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Business Success Plan

Learn the 6 simple, proven steps to get absolute clarity on your vision and purpose, and craft a one-page plan with clear baby steps to turn your vision into reality in the way that's right for you

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The Mpower Podcast

Put your feet up with a cuppa and tune into bite-size interviews on the Mpower Podcast, with successful Mums in Business sharing their inspirational stories packed with tips, insights & advice

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FREE kickstart guide

Downlad your free Kickstart guide and discover the 10 essential ingredients it takes to start and grow a successful business, on your terms. They're not what you think!  Get instant access to your free copy

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National Mpower Awards

Boost your confidence and raise your visibility, get involved in the Mpower National Business Awards which recognise and celebrate mums in the first four years of business

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