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FREE Monthly Networking

Grow your network in a meaningful way.  Make new connections with like-minded women in business with Mpower's FREE Monthly Meetup Circles, hosted by Mpower founder Nicola Huelin.


FREE Online Community

Grow your network, feel inspired and connect with like-minded and like-hearted women in our friendly Facebook community. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go with others - African Proverb


The Mpower Podcast

Tune in to our podcast for real-life inspirational stories and practical advice from successful women from around the world. Starting with our Bounce Back chart topping interview series sharing inspiration and top tips for bouncing back stronger from challenging times.


The Book

Experts dubbed it "Business School in a book", listed in The Independent's 10 best business books written by women, discover Mpower founder, Nicola Huelin's inspirational business book written specifically for women building a business, while raising a family.


Marketing Made Easy Checklist

Discover the 5 essential marketing foundations that banish marketing-overwhelm and lead to clients seeking you outu out. Download your FREE copy.


TEDx Talk For Mums In Business

Join Mpower founder Nicola Huelin, for her inspirational TEDx talk and discover how you are part of an Invisible Revolution of mums in busness changing the world.


Bounce Back resources

Access Mpower's hub of FREE bounceback resources curated from our trusted experts to help you #bouncebackstronger in life and business.


FREE kickstart guide

Downlad your free Kickstart guide and discover the 10 essential ingredients to start and grow a successful business, on your terms. They're not what you think!  Get instant access to your free copy.


Marketing Made Easy Course

Master the 5 essential foundations of authentic marketing that will have clients seeking you out, with Mpower's Marketing Made Easy online course.


Business & Marketing Mastermind

Join an Mpower business mastermind with like-minded women, hosted by Nic a certified business coach and mentor and get business and marketing support and accountability to grow your business.


FREE Kickstart Consultation

Looking for one-to-one support from a  business coach and mentor you can really trust? Learn more about Nicola Huelin's one-to-one mentoring and book a complimentery 60min kickstart consultation.


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