On a Misson to Empower 1M Women In Business

Build A Business/Career You Love


Clarity | Confidence | Connections...Overwhelm-free


On a  Mission...

to Empower 1 Million Women in Business

Build a business/career you love & love life in the process

Clarity | Confidence | Connections...overwhelm-free






Calling all...

Women in Business

YOU have a dream to make a great living doing what you love, with a real sense of authenticity, impact and flow. 

You feel called to make a difference.  Compromising on your big vision is not an option - and neither is compromising your quality of life, health or sanity in the process...we call this THE MPOWER WAY

Having big business and career aspirations doesn't always feel easy (especially if juggling work with family life).  In our recent national survey, 92% of women business owners and professionals say they feel overwhelmed.

There's so much that can leave us feeling lost, stuck, unsure, weighed down and unable to move forward with clarity, confidence and a sense of ease.

Where Are You Right Now?

Seeking Clarity & Balance

Perhaps you're feeling lost, confused and it's all too much.  You're ready to ditch the overwhelm and find more focus, flexibity and flow.

Craving more Confidence

Maybe you're excited and passionate about your ideas, but feel you lack the confidence and self-belief to make them happen.

Fearing Visibility

Perhaps you're struggling to find your authentic voice and feel seen and heard in an overwhelmingly busy, competitive and noisy world.

Struggling to get Results

Maybe you're feeling frustrated by a lack of results.  You're putting in a lot of time and effort but things aren't happening in the way you hoped.


Hi there, I'm Nicola Huelin the founder of Mpower. I'm a certified transformational coach (with over a decade's coaching experience), business mentor and marketing expert (with 25+ years' business/marketing experience), CCO (Chief Confidence Officer), TEDx speaker and author.

I started Mpower back in 2013 as part of my personal mission to empower 1 million women in business. I'm deeply passionate about helping others achieve their version of success and happiness in the way that feels right for them - turning overwhelm, doubt and frustration into clarity, confidence and results that matter - through the power of coaching and mentoring.

I know form experience that coaching changes lives - and I believe coaching has the power to change the world. 

Over the years more and more coaches asked me 'how I did it' and so alongside my work at Mpower, you'll also find me at www.growyourcoachingbusiness.co.ukthem helping other coaches make their coaching vision a reality and make their big difference.

Anyway, here at Mpower it's all about empowering you, the woman who is passionate about making a difference through a career and/or business you love - while living your best life.

The Mpower Way is about empowering you with your personal recipe for success and the support you need to succeed, your way

I hope you'll this website a source of inspiration, insights and resources to empower you in making your dream business/career and lifestyle a reality.

What does Mpower do (and who for)?

Empowering Purpose-led Entrepreneurs

Helping women start, grow or scale a successful business that makes a difference, without having to sacrifice their quality of life, health or sanity in the process.

"Nicola has this incredible instinct when it comes to marketing and her passion for what she does shines through always. I cannot recommend Nicola’s marketing programme highly enough. It helped me get clear on my message and my mission and believe me, before I started, I didn’t fully understand what marketing really was, let alone know how to approach it. Thank you, Nicola, for all your help and support. I couldn’t have done it without you." Michelle Levy, London.

"I learned things from Nicola about business and strategy I hadn’t learned in 11 years. Nicola walks her truth and is so passionate about doing everything in her power to make sure everyone that works with her can do the same. I know she sounds ridiculously perfect and she is!" Brenda Gabriel, London


Empowering Career-Committed Professionals

Helping women at all stages of their career confidently take their confidence, impact and fulfilment to the next level.

Helping people-focused organisations empower women at all levels to unlock their full potential and confidently create exceptional impact, while thriving both professionally and personally.

"Working with Nicola has been life changing for me" Mala Joshi, Stoke Poges.

"I just wanted to drop you a note because I chaired a meeting yesterday.  Remember, those meetings, that gave me sleepless nights, made me feel sick and hugely intimidated, where my voice would tremble? I had none of those symptoms!" - P, UK

"You've made a real difference to the lives of those who attended. Thank you!" Dean Corbett, Chief People Officer, Avado


Empowering Coaches To Grow Their Impact (& Income)

Helping other purpose-led coached turn their BIG calling into a great living and make their difference - in a way that feels authentic.

"Benefit not only from her genuine support and interest but also from her razor-sharp business knowledge.  She gives so much of herself to help because you can tell that she really wants you to do well. She regularly gives me more than I am expecting and I feel like she is my wing "woman". I feel blessed to be working with her and cannot recommend her highly enough as an amazing mentor. Thanks Nic for all your support. I'm not sure where I would be now without you!" Kath Curry

"I would highly recommend coaching with Nic to anyone looking to build their coaching business in a sustainable, innovative and exciting way. She is an outstanding business coach!" Gem Kennedy, London.

"Three months on from our first coaching session, I have been able to sell out my flagship group program days before registration closed – a first for me." Nina Farr, UK.


How can I help?  Have a question?

Thank you for visiting Mpower!  The fact you're here says to me you're looking for something. 

You've probably got some big questions and you're looking for some answers.  I'd love to hear from you and see how I can help.

I'm not saying I have all the answers, but if I can't help you personally I have a team and network of trusted experts who most likely can.  I'd love to explore possibilities together.