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As a mother, building your own business can be a brilliant way to earn a great living doing something you love, and get the flexibility for family life we all crave!  But the reality is, it's not always easy...

Are you trying to build a successful business without compromising your family life, health or sanity in the process?

Are you excited and love what you do, but perhaps feel overwhelmed and lack clarity and confidence?

Are you struggling to get enough clients and finding Visbility, Marketing and Sales much harder than you thought it would be?


You're in the right place...

Welcome to Mpower! We're on a mission to empower one million mums in business.  Our vision is that every woman who chooses to start and grow a successful business while raising a family can get the rigtht know-how, support and inspiration she needs

Mpower gives mums in business 10 ways to get answers, support and inspiration, and master the foundations of true business success. 

Through our flagship MBA (Mpower Business Accelerator) programme you too can fast track your dream business, without compromising your family lifestyle.

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Don't believe the hype...

Being a mum in business IS different (primary care givers, this could be you too guys), with a unique set of challenges and constraints that only another primary caregiving parent will truly understand. All too often when we are starting and growing a business, we can find ourselves feeling ovewhelmed, lonely and stuck (and sadly, there's a lot of hype and smoke and mirrors out there too)...

You’ve perhaps spent weeks, probably months, if not years trying to get your business to take off  in the way you hoped it would when you first started out.

Perhaps you’ve spent  hours pouring over all the free advice on the internet, spent hours attending workshops, talks, webinars trying to find answers, and wasted money on ‘experts’ who have let you down and not delivered on their promises.

if you’re truly honest with yourself, despite your passion and talent, you’re feeling disappointed with the results so far given all the time, energy and money you’ve put in.

Maybe you’re starting to wonder if you’ve really got what it takes - worried the passion is starting to fade, you’re becoming tired, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Maybe you feel alone, surrounded by people who don’t really get you or seem to be waiting for you to fail and go back to a ‘real job’.


Nobody should have to struggle

Nobody should feel alone, nobody should have to worry they haven't got what it takes - and nobody should ever have to give up on their dreams!

"The Mpower Way" of doing business is about getting the right support, inspiration and know-how, and surrounding yourself with the right people, to find "YOUR way" of building a successful business.  So you can enjoy getting more clients with greater ease, without having to compromise what's important to you in the process.


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Whether you're just starting out and want to make sure get things right, been trying to build your business for a while but still struggling to get results, Mpower gives you NINE ways to get the support and resources you need to succeed YOUR WAY...

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