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Empowering one million women to build a successful business they love, while enjoying family life with the ones they love most

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As a mother, building your own business can be a brilliant way to earn a great living doing something we love, make a difference, be an incredible role-model and get the flexibility for family life we all crave! 

With the right support, and surrounded by the right people, anything is possible - but I also but it's not always easy...

Are you trying to build a successful business without compromising your family life, health or sanity in the process?

Are you excited and passionate about what you do, but perhaps feel overwhelmed and lack clarity and confidence?

Are you struggling to get enough clients and finding Visbility, Marketing and Sales much harder than you thought it would be?

 I'm so glad you found us!

Mpower is on a mission to empower one million women to make a difference in the world building a business they love, while making a difference at home for the ones they love most.

You can have the business success you desire, without compromising what's most important and precious in your life, not some time in the future, starting today...

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You're in the right place...

Welcome to Mpower!

My vision is that every woman who wants to build a successful business while raising a family, can get the know-how, support and inspiration it takes to turn your dream into reality and achieve your version of 'success' on your terms.

Who am I?  My name is Nicola Huelin, founder of Mpower bringing together passionate, heart-centred mums in business.

I'm a certified business coach and mentor, and marketing strategist, with over 26 years experience in business (22 of them as a mother), TEDx Speaker and author of The Invisible Revolution.

Here at Mpower, you're about to discover 10 ways to get answers, business support and inspiration, to build a business you love, without compromising the your family life, health or sanity in the process.

Here at Mpower, you'll find trusted expertise and support provided in a specialist way - because becoming a mother, changes our world and the way we want to do business in a way only another mother can truly understand.

Through our flagship Marketing Made Easy and FLOW online programmes, developed specifically for ambitous mothers, you too can build solid foundations to explode your impact, results and fulfilment and fast track your dream business, without compromising your family lifestyle.

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Don't believe the hype...

Business is just business, right?

Well no, actually...

For us mothers, taking the courageous leap of faith to start up our own business (often leaving a well-paid career behind us), with all the responsilities that come with being the primary caregiver of the family - it's about WAY MORE than just business!

It's about creating the life and family lifestyle we truly desire.

It's about freedom to pursue our passions.

It's about the freedom to choose how, when and where we work - with whom and how much we want to earn from it.

It's about following our deeper sense of purpose and making a real difference

It's about conscious living, so we can stop feeling like we're living for the next holiday, surviving between weekends, and instead create a life that works for us and our loved ones!

It's about being that much needed role-model to our children, a personal example of the power of going after your dreams.

Being a mum in business IS different (primary care givers, this could be you too guys), with a unique set of challenges and constraints that only another primary caregiving parent will truly understand.

Sadly, all too often when you're new to business, you can find yourself feeling ovewhelmed, lonely and stuck (and sadly, there's a lot of hype and unhelpful smoke and mirrors out there too)...

You’ve perhaps spent weeks, probably months, if not years trying to get your business to take off  in the way you hoped it would when you first started out.

Perhaps you’ve spent  hours pouring over all the free advice on the internet, spent hours attending workshops, talks, webinars trying to find answers, and wasted money on ‘experts’ who have let you down and not delivered on their promises.

If you’re truly honest with yourself, despite your passion and talent, you’re feeling disappointed with the results so far given all the time, energy and money you’ve put in.

Maybe you’re starting to wonder if you’ve really got what it takes - worried the passion is starting to fade, you’re becoming tired, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Maybe you feel alone, surrounded by people who don’t really get you or seem to be waiting for you to fail and go back to a ‘real job’.


Nobody should have to struggle

Nobody should feel alone, nobody should have to worry they haven't got what it takes - and nobody should ever have to give up on their dreams!

"The Mpower Way" of doing business is about getting the right support, inspiration and proven strategies and tools, to find "YOUR way".  So you can enjoy getting more clients with greater ease, in a way that feels right for you!

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