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Nicola has written the essential handbook that every Mumpreneur should read. Inspiring, insightful and packed full of strategies to help us all achieve our dreams - Jo Davison, founder of Blue Cow Global

The Invisible Revolution reads like a personal letter from Nicola. I have known (and admired) Nicola for a few years, and there are few people as unquestioningly supportive of other women as Nicola. Through her own personal experiences and her coaching work, Nicola understands what personal and professional resources women need to achieve their business goals, and she shares her time and knowledge generously to help them. I found The Invisible Revolution an enjoyable and insightful read, and would absolutely recommend it to any mother who feels lost, alone, or doubts her ability to achieve her professional dreams. It's the next best thing to spending a few hours in Nicola's uplifting and warm company. - Hannah Martin, Founder of The Talented Ladies Club

I believe reading this book will give you the courage to begin…and the courage to succeed. - Lucy Piper, Presenter

This book is an essential read for future business owners, start-ups and people long into their entrepreneurial journey. I really loved the hugely visual story of the golden ribbon moment. It really made me stop and think. When was your life changing golden ribbon moment when you decided to start your own business?  The invisible revolution will inspire you with tips, strategies and case studies with Nicola's friendly and approachable writing style. - Amanda Ruiz, PR expert to entrepreneurs

The Invisible Revolution is a truly inspiring read. It's full of practical tools, resources, insight and examples to help you on your Mumpreneur journey. This book feels like having a wise friend on your shoulder.  Nic's personality and wisdom shines through. A great book to pick up if you're ever doubting yourself or looking for inspiration. It's just the pep talk you need to get you started and keep going in business. - Lucy Griffin-Stiff, Founder of Starting Conversations

World changers and home makers these days are one and the same. The necessary need for new approaches in enterprise across the globe has been a catalyst for Mumpreneurs to rise brightly from the shadows. This group of global citizens are becoming recognised as important contributors to economic wellbeing.

Nicola Huelin has noticed a global movement of change in our time, which has been rolling and growing like a snowball, thus far unnoticed. The Invisible Revolution makes sense of what is happening with very practical guidance and techniques for Mumpreneurs to thrive and survive the inevitable challenges of being a proactive part of change.

I am not a mother, but I am a daughter and I am a sister of the mothers of the world. I am writing this from the perspective of being a British woman who set up a business in Crete at the start of the Greek political, economic and ensuing social crisis. Across Greece mothers in enterprise have been mobilised as a matter of necessity for their families and their communities. Women Innovators of Sustainable Enterprise are gathering in meetings, conferences, online spaces and in one another’s homes to learn from one another and to share.  This book offers invaluable advice and support to such groups of women.  The internet revolution means that mums in business from diverse countries across the planet are sharing their stories of becoming ‘visible’ in their enterprises. The voices of ‘revolution’ are supporting each other across the world.

Nicola discusses ‘role models’ in this book. Nicola Huelin is one such shining example of a role model for any existing, or aspiring Mumpreneur to follow. The enlightened pages of this book prove that. - Sharon Jackson Founder and CEO, The European Sustainability Academy (ESA) Crete

These real life stories straight from the heart inspire mums everywhere - Dame Mary Perkins, Co-founder of Specsavers, the UK’s first self-made female billionaire and original Mumpreneur

What a fascinating insight into the world of 'Mumpreneuership' from a truly authentic female who has been there, done it, suffered, risen again and created a life of passion and ambition. Nic shares an unusual blend of openness and raw passion about motherhood, guilt and the highs and lows of running your own business. She provides a rich seam of resources with a powerful intention of helping mums in business. I particularly love some of the expressions shared: "Your inner calling is more of a gentle whisper" and "The mission of a Mumpreneur is to balance, minimise and expand." And, as a woman who is passionate about helping other women break through the glass ceiling, Nicola describes, in her Collective Revolution section, how "women can switch the notions of competition and scarcity for collaboration and abundance". There's some powerful stuff in this book - a great read, no matter what stage you are at in your business.- Sandra Green, founder of the Womens Leadership Association


Without question this book is for you if you’re a mum aspiring to start up your own business.  Or you're already a mum in business and would like an insight into understanding what it really takes to succeed in business and without compromising your enjoyment of raising your family. Within the book Nicola guides you with much love, knowledge, experience and support as she helps draw out your natural passion and purpose from within you. She empowers you to not just create and build a business you love but also a business that is totally aligned with enabling you to balance it with your many other roles and responsibilities, your desire to enjoy quality time raising your family and time to recharge your own batteries with nurturing self-care!

I found this book extremely difficult to put down so absorbed was I in the enlightening real stories, experiences and quotes shared that I could totally relate to, by Nicola and many other successful mums in business who have shared their expertise and experiences too! There is so much powerful knowledge, thought provoking questions and guidance shared about starting up and building your business with solid foundations to ensure it thrives and grows.  There are many insightful ideas to enthuse and support you in creating a business that excites you.

The Invisible Revolution is written from the heart and with total honesty! Inspiring you in so many ways along your ‘Mumpreneurial’ journey, providing a real insight as to what it truly takes to succeed in business, whilst juggling the inevitable mum-related challenges and the personal internal dialogue - that isn’t always as supportive as it should be - encountered along the way too! It will pick you up and motivate you through the lows of doubting yourself or your ability, it will inspire you to never give up knowing you’re not alone in your experiences and that other role models have been there and now happily share their solutions, ideas and tips amongst the pages, with you! This book is your educator, your reality checker, your supporter and your celebratory cheerleader all in one – most of all it is your loyal supportive friend!

Above all else it is written with the utmost integrity, from the heart and with total realism of an extremely successful Mumpreneur who herself is a great role model for all aspiring Mumpreneurs! You will never again feel alone on your journey - you couldn’t ask for a better navigator throughout the book as Nicola empowers you to connect not only with yourself and your vision on both a personal and business level, but also within the awesome Mpower community of like-minded ‘Mumpreneurs’ all supporting each other on their adventure of a lifetime! - Tracey Wall, Confidence & Life Balance Coach, founder of Empowering Mums


A 'movement' is happening right now, more women than ever are joining, most likely unknowingly, The Invisible Revolution I know this because I myself am a part of it.  With Nicola's help, talented and amazing women will remain invisible no more.  So let this be your 'magical book', join the revolution and be a change maker.  Even if you don't know what it is you need to do but know something has to change in life, family and work this book may just be your very own 'Golden Ribbon' moment. - Lindsey Fish, Founder & CEO,  Mums Enterprise Roadshow


Not being a Mumpreneur made me wonder whether The Invisible Revolution was going to be for me… I am so glad I read it!  Nicola’s story is really compelling and through the fascinating storytelling of her journey shares a powerful framework for success.  There are many messages, learnings and inspiration of how you can be an even more successful leader.  It showed me the power of the Mumpreneur (Invisible) Revolution and how we, as men, can and must support all the amazing work Mums are doing to create business in their own way. A must read for any budding Entrepreneurs and leaders who want to awaken possibility in themselves to deliver extraordinary results. - Graham Wilson, UK Leadership Expert, founder of the award-winning SuccessFactory


Women account for under a third of those in self-employment, but over half the increase in self-employment since the recession started in 2008. Between 2008 and 2011 women accounted for an unprecedented 80% of the new self-employed (Labour Force Survey, Office of National Statistics 2013). Women were nearly five times more likely to mention family reasons for becoming self-employed than men. A fifth of females chose to work as self-employed to help combine ‘family commitments/wanted to work at home’ and employment in a flexible manner (ONS Regional Trends, Women in Business 2009).

I am one of those statistics, as are many mothers I know who have started a business for the same reasons. Some have been ambitious and hungry to balance a career with motherhood and others have wanted a few extra pounds to allow a buffer for their family. Both bring different challenges and levels of mummy gilt! This book is a marvellous combination of amazing business knowledge combined with wonderful nurturing motivation! Women with Children and business can have a perception that if you bring the two together, you are unprofessional and unable to do your job well. As women grow in strength and power, with support from individuals like Nicola, we will become far from invisible but confident about who we are and empower each other to become the best we can be. - Rebecca Robertson, Independent Financial Advisor, Director, Author, Ted-x Speaker, Founder of Evolution for Women


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