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Episode 8 - How to go from a mountain of debt to totally debt free with rachel Brookes

Debts that once felt manageable can spiral out of control when the additional costs of a family come along.  This mum faced a mountain of debt that was 80k and growing. Weighing just as heavy upon her life as the shame surrounding financial difficulty. Determined to help break the money-struggle taboo that keeps so many alone and in silence, Rachel shares her inspirational story of building a business to overcome debt and a surprising top tip involving a freezer, that helped her and the family get completely debt free.

What we cover

  •  Pre children, both Rachel and her husband had good careers,bringing in good money
  • They had a little bit of debt but was manageable with the income they had.
  • She had her first daughter and things changed, she reduced her hours
  • Started to juggle with finances which led to late payments.
  • When her second daughter arrived Rachel took voluntary redundency. It was a risk but felt it was time for a change
  • £40k debt became £80k
  • When Rachels 3rd child came along she took a breather from her business, but then her husband was made redundent.
  • Rebuilding her business and gaining clarity over what she wants from life


More about Rachel

I have a huge passion for empowering other parents to create a better work and family life balance. I lift people up when their days are tough, and they lift me up when my days are tough. I help them grow when they feel like they have nothing to give. We all have wings, I show people how to fly.

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When I met Ashley, the CEO of the insurance company Bounce, and Rachel Brookes, the Network Development Manager, it was clear from the start that Bounce and Mpower share similar values around empowering others (particularly mothers) and creating opportunities to flexibly combine earning a great living with motherhood.

Bounce not only proivdes people with the right insurance products to potect their families, health and business  they are also hugely passionate about providing flexible opportunities for mums to earn additional income.  

With zero risk and zero investment, Bounce empowers mums in business to make a difference to the lives of others with their insurance services and enables them to transform their own lives through becoming part of a supportive and vibrant Bounce network and community and building a primary or additional source of income by becoming a Bounce referall partner.

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