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* below you'll discover the first 8 ways to bring some Mpower magic into your business journey - start getting the inspiration, support and resources you need to build a business you love...

Join our supportive community

Join our friendly and welcoming online community of like-minded mums in business for inspiration and support

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Download your free kickstart guide

Discover the 10 essential ingredients it takes to get huge results in business, on your terms. They aren’t what you think!

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Listen to success interviews

Put your feet up with a cuppa and enjoy bite-size interviews with successful Mumpreneurs packed with tips, insights & advice

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Get monthly group support

Wish you had a supportive group to turn to with your questions and challenges? Discover our Mpower mastermind groups

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Discover the essential book

Use this text to describe your feature in detail. Visitors enjoy reading well written, descriptive copy about specific features of your product.

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Receive Business Coaching/Mentoring

Thinking about getting some one-to-one support from a fully qualified and accredited business coach and mentor you can really trust?

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Learn how to craft a powerful plan

Discover the 6 steps to turn your business vision into reality - learn how to craft a one-page business plan in our Mpower online Academy

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Win a national business award

Would you like to be recognised for all your hard work, even though it's early days? Check out our Mpower business awards Spring 2018

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