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The Revolution Playbook, is the companion guide to the main book The Invisible Revolution.

Packed full of kickstart resources for each of the 14 Pillars of empowered success that every mum in business needs in order to build a successful business around the family life she loves.

The Playbook is set up as a library of bite-size modules in an online hub, easy for you to access from your phone, ipad or laptop.

Having read The Invisible Revolution, you'll have learned about each of the essential 14 Pillars to business success, namely:

  1. Purpose & Passion
  2. Pioneering Vision
  3. Performance Mindset
  4. Powerful Beliefs
  5. Purposeful Action
  6. Personal Value
  7. (Im)Perfect Authenticity
  8. Pareto Plan
  9. People Power
  10. Productive Marketing & Sales
  11. Priceless Platform
  12. Personal Learning & Growth
  13. Persistent Sustainability
  14. Posiripple Profits

Now that you have the knowledge of these Pillars - exactly what each Pillar is and why each of these Pillars are essential for your business success - with the help of the Playbook resources it's time to really begin to kickstart your mastery in each of these areas and, most importantly, begin to apply this new knowledge, insights and advice in your business.

The Playbook resources are listed in detail in each chapter of the book - for each Pillar you'll get access to kickstart exercises, insight sheets, articles, daily affirmations and more.

Throughout The Invisible Revolution, I have highlighted the importance of the Posiripple Profit Effect we have on others, over and above the boundaries of our businesses and family lives.

This is why I've decided to ask people to invest a nominal amount in their Playbook, choosing an amount of their choice , where the proceeds will go to three different causes.

For 2017/2018 the donations will be shared as follows between the following chosen causes:

  • Gingerbread - A UK charity that support single parents, including programmes helping them to get back into the workplace (40% of donations).
  • Love Support Unite - A dynamic, grass roots charity changing lives everyday in Malawi,  the world's poorest country - through sustainable development projects, supporting and empowering communities and families (40% of donations).
  • Mpower Foundation - A bursary offering single mothers free business masterminding, coaching and mentoring support - particularly those who have suffered domestic (emotional and physical) abuse (20% of donations).

The Invisible Revolution has only just been published, the companion Playbook is hot off the press and this fundraising initiative has only just begun, but you can track fundraising progress on our just giving pages for Gingerbread, Love Support Unite and Mpower Foundation (our just giving pages are also a great way for you to make any additional donations you feel you'd like to make, or without needing to invest in a Revolution Playbook).

By investing in your Playbook today, you're not only contributing to your own success in both your Inner and Collective Revolution (this will only make sense if you've read the book), but you'll also be contributing to the Universal Revolution, which is so desperately needed in the world today.

Thank you for being such an important part of the Invisible Revolution and for investing in your future and the future of others.

Choose your nominal donation and let's get started - a wealth of additional resources, insights and inspiration awaits you...


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