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Put your feet up with a cup of coffee and have a well-deserved break with bite-size shows and interviews packed full of stories, tips, insights, lessons learned (often the hard way), designed to help and inspire you on your journey of building a successful business and raising a happy family (Listen)

Join Mpower founder Nicola Huelin, multi award-winning business coach & mentor to discover...

The Invisible Revolution Interview Series (Listen)

The Invisible Revolution interview series shine a light on the inspirational stories and insights from real women - Mums in business who are real role models in the process of starting and growing their business whilst raising a family. Women just like you and me - who are out there making an extraordinary difference on so many levels - making it happen day by day!

We find out who they are and how they’re doing it - their biggest challenges, breakthroughs, lessons learned often the hard way. Join us as we shine a light on their insights, inspiration and wisdom and learn from their journey so far.

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