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Experts are calling it "Business school in a book"  and"the essential handbook every Mumpreneur should read".  Packed with insights The Invisible Revolution teaches the 14 Pillars all mums in business need for empowered success...

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Mpower offers a range of inspiration, insights and practical support for Mum in the process of starting and growing a business - from books & online courses,  to business events, masterminding, coaching & mentoring...

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Get instant access to this complimentary kickstart guide and discover the 10 things it takes to start, grow and sustain a successful business without compromising family life, health and sanity in the process...

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On a mission to empower one million mums in business, Nicola Huelin - award-winning business coach & mentor, speaker and author - devotes her life's work to creating an environment that helps women to build a successful business in a way that's right for them...

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