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Put your feet up with a cup of coffee and have a well-deserved break with bite-size shows and interviews packed full of stories, tips, insights, lessons learned (often the hard way), designed to help and inspire you on your journey of building a successful business and raising a happy family (Listen)

Join Mpower founder Nicola Huelin, multi award-winning business coach & mentor to discover...

The Invisible Revolution Interview Series (Listen)

The Invisible Revolution interview series shine a light on the inspirational stories and insights from real women - Mums in business who are real role models in the process of starting and growing their business whilst raising a family. Women just like you and me - who are out there making an extraordinary difference on so many levels - making it happen day by day!

We find out who they are and how they’re doing it - their biggest challenges, breakthroughs, lessons learned often the hard way. Join us as we shine a light on their insights, inspiration and wisdom and learn from their journey so far.

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The 101 of empowered success (Listen)

Mulit-award winning business coach and mentor of the year, Nicola Huelin, shares her ideas, insights and as much inspiration as she can pack into 15 minute bitesize shows on 101 topics which are so relevant to all mums in business.

No matter what business you're in, no stage of the journey you are at, these programs will give you aha-moments and golden nuggets to help you build a successful business on your terms.  Nicola's weekly shows cover one of the following 101 topics which every empowered mumpreneur needs to master on her journey:

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1. Escaping the rat race

2. Building a business on the side

3. Finding your killer business idea

4. Following your dreams

5. The journey versus the destination

6. Starting with why

7. Knowing your gift

8. Taking the leap of faith

9. Seeing the big picture

10. Creating your definition of success

11. Does size matter?

12. Going far versus going fast

13. The things money can’t buy

14. The gift of presence

15. The cost of regret

16. The value of time

17. The power of your thoughts

18. When the ones you love just don’t ‘get it’

19. Setting up the right way

20. Understanding what it really takes

21. When you’re starting from scratch

22. Knowing if you’re ready

23. Trusting your intuition

24. Having a plan

25. Standing out from the crowd

26. Finding your niche

27. Knowing your ideal clients

28. Understanding the client journey

29. Understanding your journey

30. Owning your personal story

31. Getting your first paid client

32. Avoiding burnout

33. Avoiding the classic pitfalls

34. Paying it forward

35. Going with the flow

36. Your outside results reflect your inside world

37. Making failure your friend

38. When it’s not working

39. When people say you’ve changed

40. Slowing down to speed up

41. When the money runs out

42. When the money starts coming in

43. When you feel like giving up

44. When fear is holding you stuck

45. Building your confidence

46. Beating procrastination

47. So you want to be perfect?

48. Ditching guilt and overwhelm

49. Believing in yourself

50. Marketing Made Easy

51. Finding the courage to be you

52. The power of vulnerability

53. The people that matter most

54. Why you don’t need to chase the ‘big fish’

55. Finding your voice

56. Speaking the right language

57. Networking with ease

58. Knowing when to ask for help

59. Protecting your biggest assets

60. Finding your tribe

61. Becoming visible

62. Stepping into your personal power

63. Becoming the go-to expert

64. Avoiding social media addiction

65. Turning competition into collaboration

66. Building a community

67. Selling when you hate sales

68. Getting the right support

69. Making a bigger impact

70. Turning your passion into passive income

71. Knowing what you’re worth

72. Knowing when to stick and when to quit

73. Taking your business to the next level

74. Building a dream team

75. Getting the quality family time

76. Finding the illusive ‘work-life’ balance

77. Making your difference in the world

78. The importance of self-care

79. When anxiety gets in the way

80. Worried what others will think?

81. Dealing with toxic trolls

82. Saying no

83. Staying true to yourself

84. Staying focused

85. Handling success

86. Falling in love with money

87. Surrounding yourself with the right people

88. Investing in you

89. Whether you are spiritual or not…

90. Knowing your limits

91. Expanding your comfort zone

92. The four stages of learning

93. Blowing your own trumpet

94. When you’re a sensitive introvert

95. You are already a role model

96. Speaking your truth

97. Creating a new legacy

98. Redefining wealth and success

99. Knowing your numbers

100. Building financial freedom

101. Giving back

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