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Cashflow in a crisis and future-proofing your finances (Panel discussion)

with Rebecca Troch and Rebecca Robertson

In this recorded panel discussion, our two finance experts, bring 43 years of combined experience in business and personal finance, to share their thoughts and insights to help cope with cashflow during this crisis during these challenging times - and understand what you can do moving forward to future-proof your finances.

Meet the panel...

Rebecca Robertson IFA

Rebecca Robertson is an award winning author, TedX speaker, founder and Independent Financial Adviser with 20 years’ experience in financial advice, winning:

Financial Advisor of the Year at the Women in Finance Awards 2019 - Role Model of the Year at the Women in Financial Advice Awards 2019 - Customer Service Winner at Kent Women in Business Awards, 2015

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Rebecca Troch

I have worked for over 20 years as head of business financial controlling in sports and fashion retail and beauty businesses. I am passionate about using the data of key performance indicators to enable optimum cash flow with in a business to maximise profit. 

I am passionate about setting up financial structures which enable businesses make it to the next level. I am passionate about making numbers tell you a story about what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. And what you can do about it to change it and improve it on the long term.

What we do:

At counting the apples we help people improve their results and reach the next level in terms of growth. Our mission is always to support you to obtain outstanding results, bringing you the success you deserve.

Often, mastering numbers is linked to bookkeeping and number crunching. Actually, this is only the source of it all. Even if we have the capacity to do it, we are not accountants. We support you in making sure that you get the information you need on time from your accountant so that you make the necessary decision for your business to grow. 

We translate the data the accounting gives you into a structure which you will be able to use to make informed decisions for your business. It’s a story about what happened in the past, what will happen in the future and how you can differentiate yourself from the others. You will be able to set the right priorities and change how your business is performing.

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