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Mpower is bringing together the expertise and energy in our 2k strong community to give you as much free and additional support as possible at this challenging time - and ensure you, and your business, are in the best possible place to #bouncebackstronger

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Boost your immunity

with Alison Stockton (Guest expert)

This free session is part of the Mpower community's 30-day #makelemonadetogether initiative where our experts are donating their time, energy and resources to help as much as they can in this time of need.

Our health is the foundation of everything. Never has there been a more important time to protect and boost our immune system.

In this video, certified health & well-being coach Alison Stockton, shares a simple explanation on how you can boost your immune health.

About Alison...

Alison is a global health and wellness coach to women with a career spanning over 20 years to help more women reach optimal health, her passion to help women thrive in life and health is fuelled with a desire of continuous learning.
As a certified holistic health coach and eating psychology coach and now a student of Applied functional Medicine she is now more than ever able to help more women heal their health issues and root causes of disease
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Boost your immunity with Alison Stockton

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