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Mpower is bringing together the expertise and energy in our 2k strong community to give you as much free and additional support as possible at this challenging time - and ensure you, and your business, are in the best possible place to #bouncebackstronger

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Finding balance during difficult times

with Emily Thorpe (Guest expert)

This free session is part of the Mpower community's 30-day #makelemonadetogether initiative where our experts are donating their time, energy and resources to help as much as they can in this time of need.
As Mums in Business we may have already found it quite challenging to maintain a level of balance in our lives; between our work and family time or between doing things we should versus doing things we love. Now we find ourselves in a completely alien situation and it can feel as though we are at sea with no idea how to move forward.

What we cannot afford to do is freeze like a deer in the headlights or stick our heads in the sand – ostrich style!

In this 16 minute video, Emily outlines how, with some positive action and focus we can recreate the balance we need to keep our family, business and health on track (and stay sane!)

It may not look exactly the same as before, but it will keep you moving forward and ensure that you’re in the best frame of mind for your family and your business.

About Emily...
Emily is on a mission to help busy mums achieve work-life balance, experience guilt-free parenting and enjoy a happy business and working life.
Emily is a professional, award-winning coach, speaker, founder of Happy Working Mum and Author of The Working Mum's Five Step Solution To Having It All. Emily is also the founder of a working parent's well-being consultancy for organisations and part of the Mpower Team as an MBA (Mpower Business Accelerator) expert.
Following a successful 20 year high-pressure career as an Air Traffic controller whilst raising her two boys, Jakey and Fin, Emily is an expert on supporting working and business Mums.
Emily is the UK's leading voice on guilt-free parenting, often appears on the radio, and is passionate about making "Guilt-Free Parenting" a possibility for everyone.
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Watch the video - Finding Balance by Emily Thorpe

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