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Mpower is bringing together the expertise and energy in our 2k strong community to give you as much free and additional support as possible at this challenging time - and ensure you, and your business, are in the best possible place to #bouncebackstronger

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Yoga: centreing, breathing practice and guided relaxation

with Katherine Nicholls (Guest expert)

This free session is part of the Mpower community's 30-day #makelemonadetogether initiative where our experts are donating their time, energy and resources to help as much as they can in this time of need.
The 4-part video series below, covers:
  • Chat about being authentic in these interesting times – combining motherhood and work in a real way.
  • Centreing practice in Sukhasana – a seated posture – with a body scan and swimming breath for focus and direction.
  • Sama Vrtti – an adaptable seated breath technique using awareness, breath and counting to calm the soul, bring peace to the mind and reduce anxiety, tension and insomnia. Perfect for everyone and easily teachable to the rest of the family.
  • Guided relaxation – 15 mins in Savasana (lying down) to lead you into a state of relaxation.

About Katherine...

Katherine is a mother of two young and slightly feral children. Through her business, Exhale Yoga Life, Katherine teaches mindful yoga classes locally and is now branching out into online classes.

She also organises the British Wheel of Yoga’s national events, including their annual UK yoga festival. Katherine found yoga when she most needed it and is a huge advocate for helping people find solace through breathing, introspection and creating space.

The next phase for her business is developing The Simple Life, which offers in-person or virtual help for people who need to find an easier way of living and reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ around them. Through re-framing how people place value on their possessions and uncovering the changes they want to bring about, Katherine facilitates a mind-shift so that her clients are armed with the tools to make big changes for the better.

Her other obsessions are cooking, gardening and decluttering.


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