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Mpower is bringing together the expertise and energy in our 2k strong community to give you as much free and additional support as possible at this challenging time - and ensure you, and your business, are in the best possible place to #bouncebackstronger

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Bond & Relax through Baby massage

with Sandy Fernández Conde (Guest expert)

This free session is part of the Mpower community's 30-day #makelemonadetogether initiative where our experts are donating their time, energy and resources to help as much as they can in this time of need.
In this 3-part video series, baby massage expert and trainer, Sandy Fernández Conde, shares some practical baby massage exercises you can do with your little one to calm, connect and communicate.
About Sandy...

Sandy is the founder of kin2Skin baby massage and yoga based in southeast London and runs the international Spanish speaking branch of Blossom and Berry baby massage and yoga teacher training.

Sandy is the mum of 3 year old Oliver and baby Annabel. She believes that all babies deserve to feel love to be able to thrive and is committed to create spaces where parents can calm, connect and communicate with their babies.

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