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Episode 20 - How a heart-breaking mother's loss shares hope after the unimaginable with Kate Dulson

In this heart-breaking and deeply moving episode, this mum shares the story of her daughter Phoebe Hope’s courageous battles to survive against the odds.  The emotion in telling this story eight years on is testament to the impact unimaginable events can have on our lives and how important it feels to be able to share a message of hope that even when the unimaginable happens and hope seems lost, life can still be ‘Rosie’ again.  Today’s guest really wanted to share her story both as a tribute to her daughter’s short, brave life, the gift she left and the desire to break the taboo around talking about loss. 

What we cover

  • How Kate knew she always wanted to me a mum and chose a career in working with children.
  • When her first child was 2 and despite receiving several negative pregnancy tests, Kate found out she was pregnant again.
  • Finding out that Kate was having an ectopic pregnancy which led to her having to end the pregnancy and have surgery to remove one of her tubes.
  • After three years of trying Kate fell pregnant again with everything looking good and the baby looking healthy.
  • How at her 20 week scan they received the devastating news that their baby had Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH)
  • Giving birth to her perfect little girl who looked so well on the outside, but was so poorly on the inside.
  • The series of unimaginable events that unfortunately ended in little Phoebe Hope living a short but brave life.
  • How Kate got through this unimaginable loss and how important it is to keep Phoebe's memory alive.

More about Kate

I began a career in childcare. I loved working with children and being a mum myself one day, was one of my biggest ambitions.

I went to university as a part time mature student alongside my full time job in a school and graduated with an Early Years degree just before I had my first child.

My son, was my priority and just before he was born, I made the decision to become self employed. Music was another passion of mine and I utilised my skills to deliver the music curriculum within nurseries. This worked really well alongside being a mum and it became a very successful business where I could earn an income and work within my own time frame.

A few years on, I became pregnant with my second child who sadly only lived until she was two weeks old due to a very rare condition. Life completely changed, and over the course of a few years, I struggled with anxiety and depression. I was blessed with another daughter, and it wasn’t until she was at nursery that I really felt like something was missing.

I needed a new purpose, something different to being a mum, something just for me. It was during this time I started to explore work from home opportunities.

Bounce enabled me to earn a regular income but gave me so much more than just money. I became part of a great group of people who were all so welcoming and supportive, on a personal level as well as offering business support. Believing in myself, working towards goals and achieving results gave me a confidence I never knew I had.

I invested time in self development and began to experience a very different life where I felt stronger, happier and more fulfilled. 

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