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Social Media Success

with Julia Bramble (Guest expert)

This free session is part of the Mpower community's Bounce Back initiative where our experts are donating their time, energy and resources to help as much as they can in this time of need.
Social Media can be so powerful for business, especially in the current climate, where virtual working has become a must. However, it can also feel pretty overwhelming knowing where to start.
In this 7-part video training series, UK social media expert and founder Bramble Buzz, Julia Bramble, shares insights and practical tools to help you get to grips with your social media success.
About Julia...

Julia is one of the UK's leading social media experts, passionate about making it simple for you to get results from social media & online marketing.

Following a 15 year career in forensic science, Julia's stand-out strength was in implementation – taking shiny new scientific tests and turning them into reliable processes that could be run every day to give results.

Does that sound like the sort of social media marketing you’d love?

Founder of Bramble Buzz her science brain means Julia can look at things – especially the ‘accepted wisdom’ and question them. So don’t expect any cookie-cutter stuff that you hear from every other social media person.

Julia doesn't give the same advice to every business – as you know only too well, every business is different – so those broadcasts that say ‘you must’ generally leave Julia cold.  She is all about bespoke strategies.

Julia has a talent for the small stuff that can change things in a big way for you; the simple wins and the best way to squeeze every ounce of effectiveness out of what you’re already doing!

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