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Lacking a sense of Clarity?

Do you have lots of ideas but are feeling a bit lost?  Perhaps you know exactly what you want to achieve, but you're not clear on the steps you need to take to make it happen?

Craving more Confidence?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Not sure if you can keep this up?  Do you sense fear might be holding you back from what you know you're capable of? Do you crave greater confidence and ease?

Wishing for more Clients?

Feeling overwhelmed with Marketing & Sales?  Perhaps you’ve been going for a while, done everything you thought you were supposed to but but are still struggling to get clients

So glad you found me...

I’m Nicola Huelin, a fully qualified and certified business coach and mentor with over 25 years experience in business (15 as an entrepreneur and business owner)

With a proven track record in coaching and mentoring mums in business, I'm passionate about offering affordable expertise and support, helping women like you turn their business dream into reality.  No apologies for blowing my own trumpet here, I'm great at business...but it goes way further...

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More than just a Business Expert

As a mum myself, I understand that yes of course you want to make a great living and get great results, you are passionate about your business and you are prepared to put in the effort, but in order to be truly successful you need to create a sustainble business in the right way for you - in a way that doesn't compromise you quality of family life, your health or your sanity in the process!

You can't sacrifice the next 5 years of your life!  The journey of building and growing your business needs to give you the flexibility, control and balance that's so important for you to enjoy motherhood, to turn your vision into reality without family sacrifice.

My one-to-one business coaching & mentoring programmes are designed for mums in business who want to earn good money and make a difference doing what they love, AND have the flexibility, control and balance that's important to them, along the way.

How can I  help you?

I offer a range of highly personalised support options to suit different needs and different budgets...

In my highly personalised business coaching and mentoring programmes, I work privately with you, one-to-one, guiding and supporting you step-by-step, covering all the essentials in laying the right foundations for starting a business in the right way, and building that business for sustainable growth and success - in a way that's right for you and your loved ones.

During your one-to-one support programme you will, for example:

  • Get absolute clarity on your Purpose and your Vision for your ideal business and lifestyle: this vital step is often overlooked by new business owners, or is not done properly, leading to the dreaded ‘going round in circles’ or ‘hitting a brick wall’ further down the line
  • Identify your target market or niche and get absolutely clear on how to attrract your ideal clients who are already searching for products and services just like yours
  • Develop your signature brand and unique and inspirational marketing messages building on your unique personality, strengths and values
  • Create your ‘Marketing Success Blueprint’ and master your marketing to raise your visibility and get you known for what you do in a way which feels authentic and create a steady flow of paying clients without having to use any sales gimmicks or having to ‘hard-sell’
  • Learn the 6-step planning process to get your dream business into the world - giving you a one-page business plan where 80% of your big results come from 20% of your efforts - to ensure you get real results and build sustainable success without burning yourself out in the process
  • Avoid the common mistakes it’s so easy to make, especially when you’ve never set up your own business before.
  • See through the jargon and complexity which can make you falter before you’ve even got off the ground.  Technology has changed the face of business today, and whilst it creates endless opportunities, the less technical savvy business owner can quickly find themselves drowning in a sea of unfamiliar ‘techno-speak’ and an endless array of seemingly complex options.
  • Get the help and support you need without any unexpected costs (the cost of my programme is fixed, there are no hidden extras and you will get all the business coaching (& relevant mentoring) support you need from me during the six months without having to pay another penny).

With a step-by-step and highly personalised approach, I help you create a personal recipe and action plan for success and balance.  Combining business and personal coaching techniques, creative and practical exercises, powerful business models, worksheets and templates, we cover all key areas for starting, growing and sustaining a successful business in the right way for YOU.

As a business coach and mentor who is also a trained Transformational coach, I also help you to develop and nurture the essential 'Inner' business resources we all need to:

  • Overcome fear and procrastination which may prevent you from achieving the success your truly desire
  • Harness and channel your passion in a way that maintains balance to avoid loss of momentum through ‘Boom & Bust’ or burnout
  • Uncover and challenge any limiting beliefs acting as obstacles blocking your success
  • Build your confidence and courage as you step outside your comfort zone doing and learning new things
  • Maintain focus, determination and courage to be able to push through the inevitable challenges
    Inspire, reassure and accompany you on what can sometimes feel a lonely journey when you first start out!

Do your homework...

Sadly, the world of coaching and mentoring is an industry which is still not very regulated...and I understand there is a lot of smoke and mirrors going on out there.  Unfortunately, I've met many women who have invested their trust and money in coaches and mentors who have not delivered.  That's why, rather than me tell you about my work, I've asked some of my previous clients to tell you in their own words. There's quite a few, so I've put them in a download for you...

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Free Kickstart Consultations

Ready to find out how to build a business you love, in the way that's right for you? If you're serious about building a successful business which also gives you a great family lifestyle, then I would like to offer you the opportunity to get my help for 60 mins via Skype

Nina's story...

Nicola and I began working together at a point where my business had some solid foundations in place – a viable, market tested product and myself as a passionate, but inexperienced founder – but it was stalling at the first hurdle. My mindset and skillset as a marketer were completely out of whack with the rapid business growth I needed to be creating.
Nicola met me exactly where I was and listened, encouraged and challenged me in just the right blend to push me forward while allowing me to reflect, pause and gather myself for the next step forward.

Three months on from our first coaching session, I have been able to sell out my flagship group program days before registration closed – a first for me. I have also learned how to have conversations with potential clients that not only serve them, but allow me to invite them to work with me in complete integrity. Not only am I making more offers to clients, I have doubled my prices and feel that both my clients and I are getting what we need from our relationship at last.

It’s been incredibly hard to move from my ‘start up’ mentality to claim my role as Managing Director of not one, but two companies moving towards rapid growth. I am learning, testing myself, developing skills and confidence all the time. With Nicola’s guidance and strategy coaching I am also broadening my perspective about how, where and when my company can grow, reaching out to new networks and client bases.

Working with Nicola has been an essential level up, addressing not only my outer skillset but my inner dialogue. The fears and anxieties that were holding me back have been brought out into the open. I’ve been able to address the ones that had foundations, and release those that had none.

I continue to work with Nicola now to bring my entire online presence into line to represent myself and my brand. I am learning vital marketing skills, continuing to stretch myself and having a lot of fun along the way! Nicola has been a wonderful sounding board, her highly skilled and patient coaching has effectively got me out of my own way, and her teaching has allowed me to confidently approach tasks that previously had me in procrastination mode for months at a time!

I will be eternally grateful for her steadying and courage building support at this critical time in my career as a coach and new company Director. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone looking for a Coach and Mentor who will deliver extraordinary results – and also be kind, generous, wise and a whole lot of fun to work with. Thank you Nicola! - Nina Farr, Exeter

What my clients are saying...

Gayle Berry - UK Baby Massage Expert and founder of Blossom & Berry

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Ready to find out how to build a business you love, in the way that's right for you? If you're serious about building a successful business which also gives you a great family lifestyle, then I have a gift for you...


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