What does it mean to be empowered?

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2022

Quite often I see the question being asked about what it really means to be empowered.

I asked my own community a while back, after all my whole personal mission and the Mpower brand is about empowering mums in business...it's so much more than just being 'powerful' or 'successful'!

I got a whole range of wonderful answers, so here's a selection of what came back from the Mpower community, and I'll also share my own personal definition of an empowered woman based on the empowered women I am blessed to be surrounded by...

For me 'empower' means I have the confidence and clarity to claim the life I choose to live on my own terms ~ Rayah

I feel empowered when I am in my "groove". Everything is free flowing and easy! What does this give me? Peace, happiness, makes my family and personal relationships easier. I feel more excited about my work and then I am able to offer a better quality service. Ultimately, I think it might be a feeling of achievement and the glow I get from that, in any area of my life. So its the "world is my oyster" feeling that brings me Empowerment ~ Jane

EMPOWERED, is embracing my true essence,feeling and owning that deep inner love and worthiness ~ Dawn

Empowered for me is "doing it anyway" , following my deepest calling and embracing the blessing that I have choices ~ Louise

Empowered means finally feeling like I have permission to be the greatest version of my self. Its like somebody amplified the 12 year old little voice in my head that said "You can be anything you want to be". The best bit is realising I already had permission. I just needed a nudge and a cheerleader ~ Brenda

For me feeling empowered is about having the confidence to do what I want to do. I also feel empowered when I have achieved something or taken a step out of my comfort zone or in to the unknown ~ Katy

Feeling like there's nothing holding me back, confident that I can do what I want without any doubts or negative voice in my head ~ Emma

To me "Empower" is about being able to get the "full expression of my personality"; as per Ghandi words "I want freedom for the full expression of my personality" ~ Mariama

So many wonderful perspectives shared by other women.

I'm on a mission to empower 1 million women.  Here are my thoughts on what empowerment looks like for me...

As with everything in life, I see empowerment as a journey,
not one specific moment when a switch is flicked or a
light bulb goes on. It feels like a journey where we take one
step forward and perhaps even two steps back - because
empowered does not mean perfect. In fact, the majority of
the empowered women I’ve met have been through quite a
few challenges and periods of adversity.

Here’s my picture of an empowered woman, that I believe
we each have inside us, you included:

She is not perfect.

She sometimes gets it wrong.

She recognises that she has the power to pursue her own
definition of happiness and success. She knows that ‘success’ means different things to different people, and there is no right or wrong.

She strives to make a positive difference with purpose and
authenticity and with love at the heart of all that she thinks,
feels and does. She is capable of doing the ‘right’ thing, even
if it’s not the easiest.

Her energy, the way she talks and her actions naturally
inspire, energise and bring out the best in those around her.
She is powerful in her honesty, integrity, simplicity and kindness.
She doesn’t even need to think about or demonstrate
her power, in fact she doesn’t even see it, but others simply
sense and see it in all that she does.

In an empowered woman’s world, actions speak louder than
words, and her actions which stem from her thoughts are
positive. Her power comes from her heart not just her head
and her ability to empathise with others and give of her own
power and resources without ulterior motive or expectation.

She understands that remaining empowered means giving
to herself as much as she gives to others - transforming the
word ‘selfish’ into the notion of essential self-care.

Life’s inevitable challenges have taught her more than any
book, course or university qualification, and have given her
courage, resilience and a level of humility that keeps her
power grounded and a force for good in the world.
She makes wise decisions from a place of abundance, creating
new opportunities for collaboration where others would
only fear competition.

She has a deep sense of self-belief. She understands her
strengths and qualities as a caring, loving, resilient woman.
Having reconnected with who she truly is, she recognises
and celebrates her diff erences with both other women and
men alike.

She finds the courage to face her fears and step outside her
comfort zone - on a mission to be the best she can be, she
has nothing to prove to the world, only a desire to be the
best she can be. She does not judge others nor does she
compare herself to them, she focuses only on improving on
who she was yesterday.

She has learned that fear is natural and how to make it her
friend. She understands her emotions are her internal compass,
and has learned how to use them to her advantage.

She understands there is no such thing as perfection, and
that her vulnerability makes her human. She is comfortable
with making mistakes and does not fear failure.

She knows she is already enough and that she deserves all
that is coming her way.

She knows how to handle negative people in a positive way
- including how to manage her own inner critic.

She has learned how to get clarity and stay focused, centered
and maintain momentum at a speed that is right for
her. She knows the diff erence between giving herself the
precious gift of time and falling into procrastination. She is
in flow.

She has learned how to become successful across all areas
of life, never allowing her desire and passion to succeed in
business come at the cost of sacrifi cing her quality of life,
health or sanity.

She enjoys every day of her life as a precious journey and
feels no need to race against others. She understands the
value of her most precious assets - her energy, health and
time and how to sustain them and invest wisely. She gives
her loved ones and herself the gift of her presence on a daily
basis avoiding the traps of constantly fantasising about the
future or dwelling on the past.

This truly empowered and powerful woman shines her light
naturally and effortlessly, inspiring others to do the same.
She is a powerful role model for her children who are watching
and learning from both her challenges and triumphs.
She dares to stay connected to her dreams, and has the
courage to continue taking steps towards them in a way that
feels right for her.

She sees the big picture in life and understands the value of
all that she is doing.

She is happy, a bright light, a force for good and a source of

She is not alone, she has been joined by others - women and
men alike - and now, together, they have created a new definition of success and wealth, a new blueprint for business and a new legacy…

Since the World Peace Summit in 2009, the words of the
Dalai Lama have echoed around the globe:

‘The world will be saved by the western woman.’
I believe that you and I already have the freedom, the opportunities and the capacity to make our contribution to his vision, and make our difference in the world on so many levels,
no matter how seemingly small our actions are contributing to a bigger picture. We are empowered beyond our current understanding and wildest imagination.

I hope this description serves as a mirror. I hope it reflects back to
you just how empowered you already are.

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