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11 Ways To Accelerate Your Business Success

business inspiration Sep 13, 2019

What does 'more' success mean to you?

Perhaps if we spoke to each of you and got you to speak frankly and honestly about what you would like more of in your business, and boiled everything right down, we might here things like…

More results!


A bigger impact.

Or, more clients.

Or, more money.

Or, a combination, or all, of the above.

Oh, and by the way, I want to achieve it all while enjoying a fantastic quality of family and personal life in the process.

And of course if you choose to invest in something like a business accelerator programme, it's because you want to fast-track your journey in achieving all of the above.

Does that sum it up in a nutshell?

That’s great!

Don’t be shy!  We know many heart-cantered, passionate, purpose-led business owners (that’s us here at Mpower too), can feel a bit uncomfortable saying loud and proud that we want more – more clients, more money and more time to enjoy it all.

We don’t want to come across as...

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My Golden Ribbon Moment

inspiration Oct 02, 2017

The story that changed my life forever

In 2002, at the age of 29, I heard a simple story about a piece of ribbon that would change my life forever.

Before I share this life-changing story, let me take you back, ten years earlier, where, as a university student, I’d already met the first love of my life - business! I was far from a rolemodel student - too many parties, drinking too much cheap beer, dancing the night away and, as a result, missing lectures.

But this said, I knew what I wanted, or rather I knew what I didn’t want.

I didn’t want to get married.

I didn’t want children.

I wanted a career.

‘Children? No! There’s no way I can have the sort of career I want and have children’. I was so convinced, I bet my university girlfriends dinner at the Ritz -the most extravagant thing I could imagine then as a poor student!

When we graduated, all my friends took a year out travelling.

But not me - I had a wonderful job all lined up and I dived...

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Letter to a Mum in Business who feels INVISIBLE

inspiration Feb 01, 2017

Dear Mum in business,

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling invisible. I want to reassure you - you’re not alone! We all go through that visibility pain barrier at some point.

I believe that everyone, including you, deserves to feel seen, heard and understood, especially by the people they care about. Now, we might not have any worries at all when it comes to being seen and heard by our loved ones or meeting new people and making friends in our personal life, but it can be a totally different kettle of fish when it comes to business.

“Visibility” might not be a word you’ve often heard or used before you became a mum in business, but now suddenly you’re hearing it all the time. It seems that all the experts are talking about it and everyone on every street corner is offering a 7-step solution to make it happen for you.

I can imagine you might be feeling a bit anxious, overwhelmed or perhaps down right terrified. Are you wishing you could just keep...

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