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mpower news Oct 20, 2017

Where do I begin?

It's the morning-after-the-day-before and my head and heart are still in a spin after yesterday's whirlwind VIP book launch party in London, where Graham and I launched our new books together!

They say a picture speaks a thousands words, so here's our day told in pictures, taken by the talented London-based photographer Morgana Secco, who specialises in family photography. 

You can see all of the pictures taken that day (and there are loads) in our Book launch gallery.    Can't wait to share the book launch film, once the amazing Kai Zammit has worked his magic!

So here is our day in pictures...

Arriving early at the venue, before the doors opened to receive our first guests, the day started with Graham being able to go and have a breakfast meeting with clients and my Event Manager, the lovely Amanda Flanders founder of Butterflies Business Events , here she is...


... inviting me to go and sit down and put my feet up, eat my toast and drink...

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