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11 steps to get more clients

business Jan 04, 2018

How confident do you feel about marketing and sales?

How do you attract the right clients, people and opportunities to your business?

How can you sell when you hate selling or the idea of being salesy or pushy?

Shine your light
Have you ever sat outside on a summer evening, after the sun goes down, and you’re left to enjoy the warmth of the night and the sparkle of the stars? Our back garden in Cheshire is my favourite place to sit outside and just ‘be’! I love the light cast by the garden lamp - all sorts of wonderful creatures come to dance in its golden glow, a beautiful choreography of attraction and mesmerising movement from so many different creatures drawn from far and wide.

Even if I’d wanted to, there’s no way I could have found this collection of creatures. I could have gone out with nets and exhausted my days scouring the countryside trying to find them. The chances of me spotting, let alone capturing, these same creatures in this big expanse...

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10 ways to find greater balance

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2018

Ever feel like you could hit pause?

Do you crave some gaps in your life, some breathing space, a bit of downtime?

In today’s crazy, high-speed world, many of us have transitioned from human beings to human-doings. No matter how many time-saving devices we own, we still managed to feel stretched because of all the things we try to cram into our every waking hour.

What we actually need is balance.

Balance in all areas of life; our health, our relationships, our personal life and our work.

A bit of zig, a bit of zag.

A bit of yin, a bit of yang.

Like a smoothie for breakfast but perhaps a glass of wine with dinner.

Like exercising 3 times a week, but pyjama day on Sunday.

Like quality family time, a regular date night, but a walk alone on the beach too.

Balance keeps us centred, and balance keeps us sane.

Too many late nights = exhausted

Too much work = burnt out

Too much alone time = isolated

Too much electronic stimulation = wired and disconnected…

Too little of what we...

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9 ways to stay focused for business success

business Jan 02, 2018

How often have you found your mind wandering when you’re trying to get a job done?

Maybe you’re writing a blog or an email and it occurs to you that you haven’t bought a card for a friend’s birthday, or you need to put some washing on, or book your car in for it’s MOT.

Have you ever started the week with a specific task in mind only to find yourself railroaded by events and having to prioritise more urgent, but less important tasks.

Perhaps you just find it hard to stay focused on one task, preferring the variety of lots of things going on.

I’m sure we can all agree that the ability to remain focused is a valuable tool for anyone and as a mum juggling both a family and a business, it’s an essential skill to have.

Although we may consider ourselves the gentler sex when it comes to running a business we can appreciate that success can take dogged commitment and determination. As Bruce Lee said,“The successful warrior is the average man,...

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8 ways to keep going when the going gets tough

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2018

Life as a business owner has many benefits, we can often work from home and choose our hours around our family commitments, but it also requires a lot of discipline and commitment to keep going, as without us, the business grinds to a halt.

‘Persistence is King’, is one of my favourite sayings and I have often heard it said that ‘90% of success is just showing up’

Even if we accept that persistence is a major factor of success, it still begs the question how do we keep going, consistently? It’s easy when the wind is behind us and things are going our way, but what about in those moments when we experience a challenge, failure or even boredom.

How can we keep going day after day? Here are 8 ways I know to help us keep going.

 1. One of the main tools we can use to keep going is an awareness of our end destination and an understanding that continued efforts will eventually bring results. Just like climbing to the peak of a mountain, you can rest...

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7 Keys to Selling

business Dec 31, 2017

If you cringe when you hear the word 'selling', struggle with the idea of selling yourself or hate the thought of being pushy or salesy, then this one is for you!

When it comes to explaining what selling is REALLY about and how to be great at it, and more importantly, how to sell with ease...I can't think of a better person to share the 7 keys to selling than, Graham Wilson.

Graham is not only the love of my life, but also happens to be one of the UK's top Leadership experts.  Over the course of his career, Graham has developed over 70,000 leaders globally, and sold multiple millions of pounds worth of business!

Here's Graham's blog on the 7 keys to selling for mums in business...

When you hear the word ‘SELLING,’ what happens in your head and heart?

What feelings come up?

What thoughts pop into your mind?

I’ve been told that for many mums it isn’t a very good feeling or thought at all!

Why is that?

And what really is selling?

Before I share the seven...

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6 steps to create a business plan

business Dec 30, 2017

Do you have an amazing idea or vision, but lack clarity about how to turn it into reality?

Do you often feel lost or confused about where to start or what to do next?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed or procrastinating over an ever-growing, never-ending to-dolist?

A gazillion pieces

Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle?

Imagine being led into a big room with a huge table, just like the ones you see in big corporate boardrooms - it’s enormous and fills the entire space. Now picture this table completely covered in a gazillion jigsaw puzzles, with all the different pieces mixed up.

My mum used to love doing puzzles. Sometimes I’d enjoy helping her. I remember this one puzzle, though, of a field of sunflowers.

I called it the ‘flocking’ puzzle, because the pieces felt fluffy - they had small patches of flocking on them so that when you eventually, and I stress the word ‘eventually’, put the pieces together, the images of the sunflowers had a kind of 3D...

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5 Confidence Boosters

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2017

There are all moments in life when we wish we felt more confident, particularly if we are trying something new.

Sometimes however, particularly after having children, our general confidence level can take what feels like a permanent dip – we just don’t feel as confident and self-assured as we use to – even when we’re simply trying to get on with the basics.

Worry, doubt and overwhelm can plague us – we just wish we felt more of the confidence we used to feel before.

Below, Tracey Wall, Mpower Expert on confidence building shares five steps to beginning to build greater self-confidence…

Self-confidence is so important in almost every aspect of the roles we juggle as mums and Mumpreneurs.

Confident mums inspire confidence in others whether it be our partners, colleagues, friends and more important our children – enabling them to develop theirs. 

The great news is that no matter your starting point – even if you feel you have no...

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4 ways to beat fear

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2017

We’ve all heard of ‘fight or flight’ our natural response to danger to avoid our impending doom. But as business owners we are rarely faced with life threatening situations and the fear we experience these days is more likely to be a fear of falling short of expectations, being judged or a fear of failure.

Our response to this kind of fear. whilst maintaining our dignity and preserving our image, can be disastrous when trying to grow your business. It can disguise itself as procrastination or being busy, it can manifest as self-sabotage and the result is the most excruciating frustration of being stuck and unable to grow to the next level.

Mpower Expert, Emily Thorpe, shares 4 ways to ease your fear and avoid staying stuck.

The first tool you can use is to logically identify what outcome it is that is keeping you stuck. I once heard someone talk about their fear of jumping off a diving board as a child; each time they mustered up the courage to climb up onto the...

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3 steps to greater clarity in your business

business Dec 27, 2017

Ever feel like you've lost your sense of direction?

Do you feel a bit lost?

Do you wish you had clarity?

There are lots of ingredients that come together to create a sense of absolute clarity, but for today, I'm going to focus on the first three ingredients, where clarity really begins...

Ingredient #1 - Paramount Purpose

Purpose – ‘The reason for which something is done or for which something exists1.’

  • Your purpose is essentially your ‘why’ - why you do what you do above and beyond making money. The purpose behind everything I do in my business is to make a diff erence in the world empowering Mumpreneurs, while making a diff erence at home for the ones I love most.
  • Your purpose, your ‘why’, doesn’t have to be a certain size, it doesn’t matter how big or small it seems relative to others - there is no right or wrong, only what is right for you.
  • Being clear on your purpose for being in business, is critical - whether you’re...
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2 Inspirational business talks for mums to kickstart 2018

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2017

We all have brilliant ideas and a vision of how we want things to be...

We all have the ability to make them happen...

We all deserve 2018 to be the year it really all starts to come together, take off and for success and wealth to flow with greater ease.

Here's a video to help mums in business kickstart 2018 from a place of inspiration, empowerment and doing things in the way that's right for you...

How fast are you going in your business?

Do you feel like there is always SO much to get done, and never enough time to do it all?  Do you often feel overwhelmed because you are still so far off where you feel you should be by now?  Then this one's for you...

Wishing you a great start to 2018, for you and your loved ones!

With love,

Founder of Mpower for mum in business, Award-winning business coach & mentor, author of The Invisible Revolution

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